Every holiday season or birthday that approaches there is that one person in your life that has everything. Weeks prior to the gift giving you cringe at the idea of finding the best gift for them. Whether it is your grandmother or your best friend, this time can be very stressful.

Here are a few ways to think outside of the box and find that perfect gift for that special someone:


Now you have a reason to pin all day long! Believe it or not just by looking at other peoples boards you can find many different ideas for that someone. A little trick that I like to keep to myself: If that difficult friend is on Pinterest, follow their boards. View their pins and get some ideas of what they might want or need. If they keep pinning a great nail polish color, perhaps find that color and give them a gift card to a nail salon. Or if the pin a great quote that means something to them, print it, make it pretty and frame it.


If you have never heard of this site before, it’s okay. It’s Pinterest’s boyfriend. Gentlemint is ‘strictly’ a boy’s only club. This site is directed toward men and is a great place to peruse for good ideas to get that male in your life the perfect gift. Music, clothes, gadgets, cigars, shoes, apartment décor, etc. You name it, these men pin it.


Remember when we were kids and every single painting masterpiece was hung on the fridge for the entire world to see? There is something about homemade gifts that no matter the size or amount really means more than anything. Something as simple as a homemade card and cupcakes can mean more than a new fun gadget.

Personal touches: Is there an inside joke or a funny memory you share with that special someone? Was there a trip you two took or a movie you two also quote? Chances are you something that you and that special someone has in common and cherish. Something as simple as buying them that funny movie you two love on DVD, making a photo album of your photos or understanding their love of chocolate and buying them a book about chocolate.

Really pay attention to the personal details of your relationship and go with a gift from the heart; you can’t go wrong with this one!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time on a gift for that special someone that you have a hard time deciding what to get them. Find your inspiration from the above mentioned tips and always give from the heart. Have fun with it and don’t take it seriously! Happy gift giving!

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