There comes a time in almost all marriages when a husband will opt for the safe, tried and trusted option when choosing a gift for his wife on their anniversary.

Here we take a look at some of the more traditional anniversary gifts, and offer two alternatives to the usual; a budget option if times are tough, and a luxurious option for those that can afford to splash out a little.

1. Flowers

There really aren’t many women that will appreciate a gift that will die in a few days, but if she loves all things floral you could consider these alternatives:

Budget Option: Two trees that can be planted next to each other to grow and flourish, just as your marriage will. A bonsai, potted plant or vase are also viable alternatives to the traditional bunch of flowers.

Luxury Option: You could hire a gardener to dig a rose garden or wild flower patch so your wife has living flowers as a reminder of your devotion.

2. A Day at the Spa

Most women enjoy a day to themselves full of pampering and relaxation, but you should never become predictable, if your wife loves to unwind here’s two great alternatives to a Spa day:

Budget Option: Make a hamper full of trial size goodies such as face masks, bubble bath and lotions. Include IOU’s for a foot rub/back massage/baby-sitting, etc.

Luxury Option: Just imagine the reaction you would receive if you were to give the gift of a week-long stay at a fabulous yoga retreat in the stunning surroundings of Costa Rica.

3. Jewellery

Jewellery is always a welcome gift, what lady doesn’t enjoy a little sparkle? But oh, so safe!

Budget Option – Pack a picnic, bubbly (don’t forget the glasses) and some warm blankets and enjoy a romantic evening under the stars. Raise a toast to each other in the moonlight; while you may not be able to afford the bling, you can certainly keep the sparkle in your marriage.

Luxury Option – Have a star named after your loved one (I would suggest putting the certificate inside the box with the diamond earrings though, after all safe doesn’t always mean boring or unwanted!)

4. A Romantic Meal For Two

Meals out with just each other for company are always a special treat, especially for those with a family, but why stop there?

Budget Option – Cook up a storm at home! Clean the house and get the kids to bed (or send them off to a family member for the night). Run your wife a luxurious bubble bath complete with dimmed lights and scented candles, and then have her come down to a beautifully laid table and sumptuous meal (call the caterers if you can’t cook). Don’t forget the bubbly.

Luxury Option – Same as above, but go all out with a team of caterers and a butler for the evening. Alternatively you could hire a yacht or private suite in a hotel and make a night of it. Or how about having gourmet meals delivered for a whole week?

5. Clothing

Giving the gift of clothes or underwear isn’t always the smartest option, unless you know your wife’s taste and exact size!

Budget Option – Check your wife’s size on her clothes before buying a matching set of lingerie (to her tastes, not yours!). Wrap the set with care, including sweet little touches such as rose petals, love heart sweets and ribbons.

Luxury Option – Hire a personal shopper to accompany your wife on a shopping spree.

One last note; never buy chocolates as a gift for your loved one unless you are 100% sure she is not dieting!

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This guest article was provided by Geoff McCabe.