The phrase "sugar and spice and everything nice" may be a fun rhyme, but it doesn’t give you a whole lot of direction when it comes to buying that perfect birthday present for the special girl in your life. Whether you’re shopping for someone who dreams of tutu dresses and princess crowns, or you’re shopping for a tomboy who wouldn’t be caught dead in either, the following ideas make perfect presents.

Five Perfect Gifts For Any Girls Birthday

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The great aspect of purchasing books as a gift for girls is that they have the ability to be perfect regardless of the individual personality of the girl or the age of the girl. Whether you’re buying for a six-year-old who loves fairies or a twelve-year-old who wishes her entire wardrobe could be in black and wants to ride motorcycles when she grows up, you can pick a book tailored to her individual needs.

Treasure Chests

The younger girls love to have a treasure chest to store their favorite toys and those beloved rocks and flowers they’ve picked from the garden. The older girls will use this thoughtful gift as a place to store notes from friends, their diaries, and beloved keepsakes, such as friendship bracelets.

Craft Sets

Whether the girl you’re shopping for likes painting, beading, sewing, or some combination of crafts, there’s a kit that will fit her interests. Examples of easy-to-purchase kits include those that focus on animals, bugs, pirates, flowers, sea life, sports, and detective themes.


If you’re buying for a tween or a teen girl, purchasing jewelry can be a sign that you are acknowledging that they are growing up, which is something that is sure to earn their appreciation. The little girls who play dress-up will also love jewelry, though their tastes may tend towards the more outrageous and brightly colored beaded jewelry sets.

Nail Polish

Specially made nail polishes for little girls are your best bet for those under the age of ten, while tweens and teens will appreciate the same grown-up polish that you’d buy for an adult. Take note of whether her clothing choices are bright and colorful, demure and serious, or dark and drab, and purchase polish to match.

As her birthday draws near, feel free to ask her questions that will direct you to her favorite colors and areas of specific interests. The best part of buying for a girl is that she will be much more forthcoming about these things than the boys in your life will.

By Madyson Grant