We usually give gifts during Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentines’ Day. However, it is not a crime to give a gift to someone in an ordinary day.

gift for boss

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Do you wanna say thank you to your boss for giving you a raise? Or perhaps, you want to show appreciation for being an understanding boss. Picking a gift might seem challenging specifically if your boss is a woman (good thing if you are a woman yourself). But, another challenge is if you have a limited budget to buy a gift. Will you back out and opt not to give her a gift? Worry no more. Here are some of the most practical gift ideas which you can buy below $30.

Planner Organizer

Most business people are very organized specifically women. They always want their schedules and to do’s to be polished. That is why, it is practical to give your lady boss a planner organizer. This piece of item is essential to most entrepreneurs to list down their meetings, appointments and other reminders. Even though there are now electronic organizer, a planner is still useful as a backup in case the device is damaged or corrupted.

For as low as $10, you can already buy a decent planner. However, if you want to give a stylish one, planners with unique covers are also available which cost $20 up. Some planners come with mini calculator and pen. All you need to do is pick which type of planner can suit your lady boss.

Office Supplies in a Basket

Yes, the company has a budget for office supplies. But, it does not mean you can’t give your lady boss some basic office supplies. Pay a visit to a local office supplies store or browse online shops. Surely, you can find office supplies stuffed in a basket or box. This is a very practical gift you can give to your boss. Why? Your lady boss will be able to save on office supply budget. In addition, who will not be delighted with a basket filled with things she can use?

The cost often vary depending on what types of items you want to include in the basket. You can find a basket filled with pens, scissor, glue and paperweight for as low as $10. The price is already bigger if there are more items such as staple, staple wire, remover, pen correction fluid/ tape, etc. Check if majority of the items in the basket are of great use. You don’t wanna give your boss some things she cannot use in the office.

Chic Paperweight

Okay, paperweight may sound too ordinary. However, a fashionable paperweight can bring more colors to her table. Look for paperweight with unique shapes, such as apples, globe, heart and animal figure. Paperweights come in wide array of designs and colors. If your lady boss loves the beach, opt for paperweight with seashells on it or with beach theme.

To make your gift more distinct, you can opt for paperweight which can be personalized. Add the name of your lady boss or the name of your company. For $10 – $20 budget, you can get a fashionable paperweight for you boss.

Bonsai Tree

Bring more life to her office by giving her a bonsai tree. Having a plant inside a room can bring in peaceful and relaxing ambiance. Business people are busy most of the time. They have so many things to think of especially if the business is small. Oftentimes, they are busy calculating business finance, liabilities and small business loans. When they try to relax, their minds are still occupied. So why not give your boss something to divert her mind – even for a while? This plant can do the job. For as low as $25, you can already buy your lady boss a “Braided Money Bonsai Tree”. Look for other types of tree that will suit her office.

A gift does not have to be expensive. Even with $30 budget, you can find a perfect gift for your lady boss.

Article by Ashley O’connor