Whether you’ve only been dating for a few months or will be celebrating a special anniversary, finding the perfect gift for your partner can be challenging. Your significant other may not like traditional gifts; or you may have grown weary of the same old gift cards and flowers. Rest assured that there are plenty of ways to show you care without the need for a gift card. Here are five fun gift ideas to use for that special someone.

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Frolicking Photo Shoot

Couples used to cram inside photo booths to take candid shots of themselves to commemorate special occasions. Take this idea to the next level by buying your significant other an afternoon of frolicking photo fun. Hire a photographer or a friend who takes great photos, and have fun capturing your loved one’s smile. This gift makes a great ongoing gift too, as you can present the photos to friends and family later.

Monthly Coupon Book

Sometimes, one gift isn’t enough to express how much you care. To really make an impression, offer your partner a monthly coupon book full of personalized experiences and special dates. These might include foot rubs, long bike rides or home-cooked meals. Each month, your significant other can choose which coupon to use; and you’ll enjoy a special evening all year long.

Personalized Writing Material

In an era of instant text messages and digital everything, anything written might seem antiquated. However, personalized stationery and other writing materials like paper with fun patterns or a leather composition notebook cover offers a unique departure from today’s multimedia. Spice things up with your special someone by giving him or her a set of customized cards or an engraved journal. Check out RusticoLeather.com for some great options to get you started.

Extracurricular Fun

From pottery classes to sewing lessons, learning something new offers a great way for you and your partner to bond. While you can find lots of great deals online for special one-time experiences, giving your special someone a series of lessons instead allows them to learn a useful skill for later. You can choose cooking, photography, card-making or a variety of fun crafts for the two of you to learn together.

Backstage Pass

Is your significant other constantly quoting lines from his favorite movie? Does she know every word and song to a childhood classic? Try renting out a local theater for the night and inviting all of your friends. Many movie theaters offer this service, and a private screening offers the chance for you and your loved ones to sit back, relax and enjoy a private screening of your partner’s favorite film.

From high-tech gadgets to homemade food gifts, there are hundreds of fun and unique gift ideas you can give to your significant other. Just remember that anything you give to your partner will be appreciated. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or a just-because moment, giving your significant other a heartfelt gift is the best way to show you care.

By Eowyn Applegates