Tough guys are notoriously hard to shop for, and even if you spend weeks planning the perfect gift, you might find that you bought him something he won’t use. Whether your guy hits the streets on a motorcycle every week, or he’s the type of guy who loves getting his hands dirty, you can find fun gift ideas that will make him excited once he peels off the wrapping. Just check out some of these great gifts.

Toughest Things That You Can Give To The Man Of The House

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For Guys Who Shave

Unless he’s one of the lucky few who can get by shaving once a week, he probably groans every time he walks into the bathroom and sees his disposable razor. Make shaving a little more fun for him with the Badger Brush. Crafted by hand, this brush looks elegant and masculine when displayed in the bathroom. The soft badger hairs added to the top will feel luxuriously soft against his skin, and the brush helps him lather up his skin for a smooth shave. It also comes with a stand that helps him display it near his shaving supplies, and the stand helps the badger hairs dry.

Vintage iPod Turntable

If he’s the type of guy rarely seen without his earbuds and iPod, look for a vintage iPod turntable. You’ll find several of these available from different manufacturers, and while it looks like an old stereo system, the turntable actually works as an iPod docking station. He can plug in his iPod and watch it charge as he plays his favorite tunes through the turntable, and you can even find a few models that play records too.

Go Homemade

Even the toughest of guys will melt when you make him a few homemade treats. Did you know that you can make your own spicy nuts in your home oven? Just mix a few of his favorite spices and nuts with a little oil, toss the mixture on a baking sheet and bake at a low temperature until lightly roasted. Another fun idea is homemade cookie sandwiches. Layer a small amount of frosting between two homemade or store bought cookies, and roll the cookies in chopped nuts or another topping. You can even dip the finished cookies in melted chocolate if he loves the sweeter things.

Grilling Set

Let him know that you appreciate the time he spends standing behind the grill with a customized grilling set. Many sets come with a few tools, including basting brushes and spatulas, but you can add a few extra pieces to make the set really pop. A customized apron with his name or favorite team logo on the front will let home know that you pay attention to his interests, while adding a handful of sauces will let him experiment.

Once in a Lifetime

Go all out with a once in a lifetime experience that he’ll never forget. If he loves cars, treat him to a weekend luxury automobile rental. He can drive the car of his dreams for a few days. You can also give him the chance to drive a car on a real NASCAR track.

No matter which of these gift ideas you choose, you’ll make any tough guy melt a little when he opens it.

By Annette Hazard