Standard housewarming gifts generally involve kitchen appliances or bottles of wine. These gifts are good, but they lack personality and it’s unlikely that the recipient will remember them long after their housewarming party is over. A unique gift makes the new homeowners feel special because they know that you chose it specifically for them. Here are a few ideas for unique housewarming gifts.

Five Unique House Warming Gifts

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Sometimes the best gifts are ones that cannot be wrapped. A gift certificate for housecleaning is an excellent gift. It allows the homeowners to relax and enjoy their new home without worrying about all the things they have yet to do. A gift certificate for a free lawn mowing is also an excellent gift to bring to a housewarming party.

Your Time

Another unique gift idea that you can give even if you have very little money is your time. According to Columbia SC storage units, offer to spend an entire day helping your friends move items to their new home from their boxes, trucks, or storage units. This gift is likely to benefit the new homeowners more than any gift you could buy for them. Unpacking is one of the worst parts of moving, and they are very likely to appreciate your help with the moving process.

Household Supplies

Most new homeowners have all of the dishes and decor items they need, but they may be short on basic household supplies such as cleaners, laundry detergent and toilet paper. Take a plastic laundry basket and fill it with canned goods and household supplies for a gift that will be appreciated long after the last guest has left the housewarming party.

A Few Meals

Setting up a new home takes a great deal of time, and the new homeowners are unlikely to want to cook a homemade meal every night. Giving them a few casseroles or stir fry dishes you have put together will help them avoid the hassle and expense of having food delivered to their home. Make sure you note the cooking times on the packaging so they don’t have to call you for more information when they’re heating up their dinners.

Personalized Towels

It may seem boring, but towels are one of the things you can never have enough of. Personalizing the towels makes them more unique than ones you just picked up off the store shelf. Personalization doesn’t have to mean monogramming. You can personalize the towels by choosing them in the new homeowners’ favorite colors or style. Be creative and have fun putting together the perfect set of towels for your friends or family members.

Article by Annette Hazard