The love of sports is developed at an early stage in life, even during toddler years. But it is during his teenage years when your son could truly realize and understand what sports he really wants. It is during this stage that he becomes more active and more adventurous. Show how much you support of this newfound passion by giving him something that he would certainly appreciate.

Game Ticket

Of course, what sports fan doesn’t want this gift? Watch out for the next game of your son’s favorite team. Whether it’s basketball or football or tennis, being physically present to witness a game and being just a couple feet away from the players bring a different kind of excitement. Purchase two tickets for the game. This way you can decide if you want to watch the game as well, which would indicate that you are willing to take a time off from your busy schedule and spend time to bond with him. Or, you can give both the tickets so your son can have the option to go with a buddy or be on a date with a girl he have been wanting to go out with. Now, that would make you a really cool parent.

That Must-Have Rubber Shoes

For basketball fans, owning a pair of Air Jordans is a dream come true. This one is pretty costly, but if your son has achieved something that deserves a reward and you feel like being generous, a good pair of Nike will definitely say how proud you are of him. This brand is known for occasionally releasing limited edition basketball shoes, including a collection that features Kobe Bryant’s autograph. If he is not a big Nike fan though, there’s always other brands that offer quality sports shoes like Adidas and Reebok, they have really popular endorses, too.


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Training Apparel and Gear

There’s no better way to show how much you support your son’s love for a certain sport than by encouraging him to not only watch his favorite player but to actually practice the sport himself. Jump start his new hobby by getting him necessary apparel and gear. For starters, get him something that will really help him learning and developing his skill. If he likes golf, a club with a grip designed to train him the proper hand and finger positioning will definitely help, just like ones provided by Lamkin Grips.

Memorabilia Items

When your passion is reading and collecting books, then acquiring a vintage copy of a tome you have always loved will be like finding a true treasure. So for a sports lover, any valuable collector’s item will be greatly appreciated. For instance, if your son is a big fan of baseball and has been following its history then consider getting him a Babe Ruth signed baseball or something to that effect. This may sound like spending a fortune but every now and then you can actually come across online sellers that offer sports memorabilia and collectibles for trading or selling at a reasonable price. Ebay is good venue for this but also be on the lookout for your friends or colleagues who are also sports enthusiasts. They may have the good stuff just when you need them.

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