Do you know somebody who’s obsessed with traveling? It can be exceptionally hard to buy a gift for such people for a number of reasons. Firstly, it can be difficult to pin them down at home for long enough to visit and give them their gift. Should they have a clear itinerary, you still have to decide what to get for them. Compulsive travelers tend to be constantly on the move and have little use for the sort of gadgets and material goods that the average person would be grateful to receive. If you need a few helpful hints, keep reading.

The Best Gifts for a Travelbug 3

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The FitKit

This one is fantastic for those who can afford to avoid walking everywhere during their travels. The FitKit is a capsule which contains various fitness equipments, including a resistance tube, jump rope and pedometer. You’re also able to access an online database of suitable exercises from wherever you are in the world, so there’s no excuse for giving up on your fitness regime no matter where your travels take you.

Solar Window Charger

This product has two advantages. Firstly, it’s sustainable – you’re getting energy straight from the sun, and not drawing on a wall outlet. Secondly, it’s very, very practical for those who are always on the move, particularly if the host country can have unreliable connectivity. Those day-long bus journeys between distant cities provide an ideal opportunity to charge your phone as you can just stick the solar panel to your window and relax. On the downside, it does take a while to do its job  – about 12 hours for a full smartphone charge – but this is a fair trade for the practical gains.

The Jetbag

This simple practical item aims to solve a common problem – bottles of liquid breaking in your bag. The Jetbag features padded pockets which should help to protect vulnerable containers as your luggage is tossed into and out of plane cargo holds. And if a bottle should burst open, the Jetbag will reduce the impact with its absorbent lining – preventing the liquid from leaking out and staining your clothes.

Doberman Bag Alarm

This interestingly-named item will protect your belongings by setting off a loud alarm if your bag is moved. It does this by monitoring a motion sensor when active, and once it’s been disturbed, the only way to stop the alarm is to enter your personal code. Perfect for those who don’t quite trust the classic padlock.

A Gift Card For an Outdoor Goods Shop

If you really can’t decide what to buy for your traveling friend, consider a gift card for a shop that caters to their needs. This will be useful to them – after all, even if they’re in need of an expensive new backpack or pair of hiking boots, they’ll be able to use the card as part payment. Look for a business which has plenty of nearby locations and which offers a diverse range of brands. If you’ve decided on a gift card but feel like it could be a little too impersonal, consider picking up a gift card holder too. These come in a variety of designs, and you could even do a little decoration to customize it for its recipient.