I could have said how to find a perfect gift, but if you have no ideas what to buy, thinking of a perfect gift can fry your brain entirely. To be honest, I personally have usually found a way out by buying no present at all. Well, but that’s me. It’s usually nice to buy at least something.


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The present depends a lot on a person, and what he/she likes, but there are a few things you can always think about.

1. Alcohol
And no, I’m not talking about a six-pack of super market beers, or a bottle of cheap vodka. Even though depending on the receiver, they might work well as well. Rather, I’m talking about some very interesting craft beers, or some great bottle of tasty liqueur people might not buy themselves, maybe a very good single malt whisky. Depending on a person, it might work.

2. Money/Voucher
Very often the presents that are bought don’t have any value to the receiver, it’s just a good-will gesture. Instead of that, it would sometimes make sense to give the birthday girl/guy some money, or a gift voucher instead.

3. Lottery tickets
Lottery tickets, by the end of the day, might have no value at all, but it is an interesting gift that might bring surprises, so why not buy your friend a few local lottery tickets, or why not some usa lottery for a chance for them to win. Even if they don’t win, it will still bring them some exitement.

4. Useful gadgets
Some useful gadgets might make anyones day. Think of something like pizza scissors, a bed fan, a physical keyboard for iPad. Things that might be useful, but don’t cost a fortune.

5. Interesting gadgets
Of course, you might also go for something more weird or interesting. To get them delivered you usually need to think of them a bit before the birthday, but depending on a receiver, it could be great idea. Think of Toilet Night Light for example, or why not Furby. Or better yet, a selfie toaster which can burn your face onto a bread. The options are limitless.

6. Experience-gift
You could also go for an experience gift. If your friend is into extreme sports, go for a bungee jump or something similar. If your friend is a fan of museums, buy him or her a museum tour.

As you can see, even if you don’t have great gift ideas, there are a lot of options that might work well.

By Ryan