Generally speaking silver antiques are those pieces made before the 1930s. In the 18th and the 19th centuries, the original silver flatware design was not registered. Basically the silversmiths copied it from the French patterns, resulting in identical patterns being available in various stores. Canadian states under the French influence were gaining prominence in this part of time such as Montreal, Quebec City, Ontario and Atlantic provinces. Most of the silverware was made by hand during these times. However, with the beginning of the 20th Century, large firms took over the manufacturing from these small artisans and the whole process became mechanized, producing large quantities to meet the growing demand of the people.


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Fine Antique Silver, Sterling Flatware, English Silver Flatware and Estate & Antique Holloware from Europe and North America are the highest quality of silverware that one may possess. The beauty and the quality of the Antique English Silver Flatware are very attractive. Some of the antique English patterns are Old English, Fiddle and King/Hourglass, of which the Hourglass pattern is attributed to royalty. The Americans have also been into the silverware business from the 20th century with the two big giants of today i.e. Gorham and Tiffany. In the modern times, silver can be bought in various forms such as Silver Arts, Silver Jewelry or Silver-plated Gifts.

Presenting Silverware


Silverware is ideal for various occasions such as weddings where one wants to present a long lasting and valuable gift, anniversaries where silver can represent the 25th anniversary and gold the 50th one, corporate gifting especially to foreigners with antique heritage attached, to store in their offices/homes and in their memory, utility as in dinnerware to welcome important guests, investment for those who have cash to spare and collectibles for the person fond of antique silverware in general. Some of the antique silver products to choose from for presenting at wedding anniversaries are handcrafted hookah, ethnic finished and embossed photo frame, richly carved table lamps, artistic pair of wine goblets, beautiful round bowls, an ornate jewelry box etc.

Silver for Men

It is a tedious task at hand selecting a gift for a male friend or companion. Generally gold and silver items are associated and appreciated by the female species. However, possessing an antique silverware object can be a man’s collectible too! So what are the options for men? Here are to name a few: Silver Carriage Clock, Cricket or other sports Spirit Flasks, Silver Spirit Labels, Georgian Silver Mugs, Georgian Silver Wine Coasters and Victorian Silver Flasks etc. Looks like King George’s possessions are pretty popular amongst the men! Nowadays, the companies are creating products, with varied demographics in mind.

Special Silver Jubilation

Marriage is an everlasting experience between two persons, who have seen all the hardships in life together and are bound with each other no matter what the circumstances are. Therefore, an anniversary is a celebration of the togetherness that these two people share. Until one embarks on this journey, one is always looking up to the role model of this bond, that is, our parents. Parents are a priced possession of each child. No matter what the child does in his lifetime, he/she can never come close to repaying what their parents have done to raise them. One can only realize this responsibility when one becomes a parent and understands the duties that the parents perform towards their children.


Celebrating the togetherness of your mom and dad on their silver jubilee is one cherished dream that a child sees over the years and finding the appropriate gift for the two people who have looked after him and raised him for who he is, can be challenging. In this case an ideal gift for a silver jubilee celebration can be antique silverware. The silverware will be reminiscent of the 25 years of the silver jubilee anniversary. An antique photo frame with a picture of your parents’ wedding day, clad in their beautiful wedding attire and the beginning of their journey, a pair of wine goblets with an old vintage wine to complement it and their antiqueness, or even a pair of antique mugs which can be used in their daily routine reminding them of a beautiful thought that their child had put in are some useful ideas. By gifting antique silverware to your parents, you can create an antique memory in their minds!

By Jason Phillips