A 25th wedding anniversary is known as the “silver jubilee” or “silver anniversary.” As divorce rates climb, celebrating 25 years together is truly a special event in this day and age. Maybe your parents, parents-in-law, or another loving couple you know are getting ready to celebrate a quarter of a century of marriage. The traditional gift item for this anniversary is a present made out of silver.

Silver Jubilee

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Commemorating the occasion with something made from this metal is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the couple and all the years they have spent together. Read on for some great gift ideas that incorporate silver to give this anniversary a traditional touch.


Perhaps when they got married, your parents received an engraved set of silverware as a wedding gift. The silver jubilee anniversary is a perfect time to gift them with additional pieces to round out their collection or replace those items that may have gone missing over the years. If they did not receive silverware at their wedding, now would be the perfect time to memorialize 25 years together with a special set of flatware that has the initial of their last name engraved on the end.

Household Decorations

Maybe your special couple might be interested in something for their home aside from silverware. If they enjoy entertaining their friends, silver decorations would make an excellent gift. Silver candlesticks, serving trays, or vases can add an elegant touch to their home décor. On a more personal note, you can consider presenting the couple with a silver picture frame that has a nice photo of them inside. This is a sentimental item that they can proudly display in their home.


If your special couple consider themselves a little fashion-forward, think about giving them some silver jewelry. This could include matching rings that are engraved with their names, their wedding date, and their anniversary date. If the wife has a charm bracelet, a charm of a wedding bell or maybe a small tag with the relevant dates engraved would please her. Also, matching silver dog tags on silver chains are a creative choice too. Tiffany, as well as many stores online, sells dog tags that can be engraved, and the necklaces are appropriate for either gender to enjoy. Also check high quality gifts at myfamilysilver.com.

Creative Trip Ideas

Maybe a short vacation somewhere is more your couple’s style. They might enjoy a weekend trip to silver mine somewhere in the country, where they can have an opportunity to learn about the metal of their anniversary. Also, something creative, such as a trip to Silver Springs, Florida or Silver Strand, California is an interesting way to incorporate silver into the occasion symbolically.

A Fun Night Out

Your special couple might not get to spend as much time together as they would like to, so think about gifting them with an excuse to enjoy a much-needed evening together. A gift certificate to a restaurant, tickets to a play or music event, or passes to a sports game are all great ideas for a couple who could use some time together or who enjoy going out on the town. To present this gift, purchase a decorative silver box and place the tickets inside. The trinket box will make a nice addition to their home décor and it will remind them of their fun anniversary evening as well.

Practical Ideas

If your couple is not too interested in decorations, consider giving them something they might find a little more practical. Silver bars or coins make a great gift for people who are collectors, want something they can pass down one day, or enjoy things that represent investments. These items can usually be purchased at a coin shop or online, and they will make an exciting gift for a couple that likes to have items that represent wealth.

These ideas are all wonderful gift options for a couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. That is definitely an achievement and a testament to the lasting power of love. Consider wrapping your gift in tinfoil or silver wrapping paper to add a little sense of humor to the gift, and enjoy the looks of delight on their faces when they see what a great present you’ve given them!

Article by Peter Smith