At least twice in a year, we pay homage to the men (and even women) in our lives that provided a fatherly influence and helped us grow up to be (generally) good people. I’m not exactly a big fan of commercialized holidays and auto-response birthday responses, but this is easily overridden by the fact that I love my parents a lot.

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My dad’s close to the idealized American father: biologically male, has a love for sports, beer, and widescreen TVs (so they can watch more sports), and fortunately, he is also a gadget-head and one of the rare types of seniors that are still very well-informed on cutting edge digital technology and the internet. He even watches anime, particularly the titles that were popularized during the 80s and 90s (modern revivals included). Overall, he’s a cool hybrid redneck/geek dad.

Birthdays and father’s day celebrations happen annually (duh), so somewhere out there, I’m sure the parents, siblings, partners, friends, and children of fathers everywhere are scrambling to give them something special and meaningful to celebrate their lifelong vocation of fatherhood. I’d like to share some gift ideas for everyone out there who’d like to make a father happy on one of his two tribute days within the year.

Testimonial Blog Site

An inexpensive yet very thoughtful gift idea would be to create a blog just for the purpose of making your father feel good via the words and sentiments of good friends and family members. This can normally be accomplished with a box full of heartfelt letters, but we’re in the information age, and it’s likely that everyone isn’t living in the same place, so having it online will make it easy for contributors to add their letters.

Don’t be a cheapskate and get an actual domain ( or something equally cheesy) and put it up on a cheap WordPress hosting service, as you don’t require tons of bandwidth or disk space, anyway.

Electronic Gift Cheque/Card

There are just too many gizmos and gadgets out there, and geek dads always have an opinion on which piece of hardware is better than the other. To skip on the research and guesswork involved in finding the piece that he really wants, purchase a gift cheque or gift card from one of the big online electronics retailers (such as

Words are free, so include the cash gift in a short letter.

Gift Subscription/Credit

These are similar to a gift check or card, but this is oriented towards subscriptions or credits for an online service, such as a premium subscription to a site’s services (sites like Fitocracy, LinkedIn, and DeviantART have premium subscription versions, for instance), or credits for use in a site (Facebook, various MMORPGs, etc.). An always-online father will appreciate this just as much as any non-digital gift, I assure you.

Gift Ideas for Geeky Dads 6


Hail to all the geeky fathers of the world!

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Stacey Thompson is a professional writer, marketer, entrepreneur, and a lover of weird little animals. She is based in San Diego, California, and is preparing a special family get-together for her dad’s birthday. Stacey and her gal gang have a blog, Word Baristas.