Sometimes, all that an addict desires is their substance of choice, which can make purchasing gifts for them particularly challenging. Fortunately, there are a few surefire presents that can satisfy anyone struggling with drug abuse. Below is a list detailing the most thoughtful items to give someone that is currently grappling with the pangs of addiction.

Gifts You Can Give People That Are Dealing With Addictions

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4. Utilize the Variety Offered by Gift Cards

Gift cards are a perfect way to allow an addict to have some freedom in selecting their own ideal present without simply granting them cash that can be used to acquire intoxicants. A major advantage to this kind of present is that it cannot be mistakenly construed as preachy or judgmental, because the giver does not have to specify what it is used for. A gift card to a grocery store can be especially beneficial, because addicts often neglect their own nutritional needs in exchange for the drugs they consume.

3. Give the Present of a Spa Day

The posh comforts offered by a well-rounded spa treatment can offer innumerable health benefits to people who indulge in drug usage, in addition to providing an enlightened point of view on the comforts that addiction is causing them to sacrifice. A mild glimpse of the luxurious amenities that they are lacking can snap them out of the throes of addiction by providing an uplifting new perspective on life. Furthermore, sauna treatments can help the body flush out harmful toxins through sweat glands. Looking in a mirror after a day at the spa can inadvertently convince an addict to entirely forfeit their use of negative substances.

2. Deliver Detox Tea

Gourmet beverages are an extravagant gift with the hidden benefit of healthful detoxification properties. Tea can supplant emotional cravings for drugs by acting as a substitute, while simultaneously increasing the release of addictive chemicals that have been residually stored in the body. The reduced physiological presence of these harmful toxins promotes a conscious levelheadedness that facilitates the ability to decisively abstain from drugs.

1. Send Them on a Vacation

A trip to a distant destination can give an addict the perfect opportunity to escape from the problems that cause them to indulge in substance abuse. Even a brief separation from their daily habits can cause them to rethink their behavioral trajectory. They can return home completely reformed; however, one should be careful not to select a location where it is socially appropriate to be drunk in public or intoxicated.

Article by Annabelle Smyth