Necklace is an ornament worn around the neck to enhance the grace of the wearer. Symbolic of elegance and appeal, necklaces are commonly found with colorful stones, which are diligently polished, of feathers, shells, beads, corals etc. The hanging portion of the necklace is referred to as the pendant or the locket.  There are a wide variety of women’s as well as men’s necklaces. They can be classified into different types such as choker, cross, Opera, Satoir or rope necklace commonly worn by women. Tooth pendant beads or adornments are popular among men.

Name necklaces are in fashion these days. For a special occasion like birthday, anniversary, marriage, wedding gift etc it may prove to the most aspired gifts. They can be personalized with your child’s name for their birthday or the name of your wife or beloved one depending to whom you are going to gift it. It would also be liked by the one receiving it and can make the most simple of occasions special for them making them to be a timeless possession.

This kind of jewellery comes in various choices for you ranging from gold, silver, gold plated, platinum, enamel colors etc. It gives you the opportunity to celebrate the name and personality of the person who will own it. That is why selecting the ideal design is the primary task for you. Choosing a gift for someone’s special day is a tough job especially when you are too engrossed with your work and busy schedule. It becomes even more difficult to find a unique and rare gift. In such a situation, opting for personalized jewellery can play the role of a savior for you.

Silver name necklaces are quite trendy considering the contemporary times. It is an appealing ornament in the younger generation ladies because silver is thought to be stylish by them. It is a great combination with casuals as well as with elegant formal dresses, gowns etc. The popular pendants used are dolphins, hearts, stars, cube and so on.

While selecting the letters of the name and deciding about the design, it is important to make sure whether the color of the necklace matches with the choice of beads that you have picked up. One should not mismatch the combinations by putting costly glass beads with plastic ones and gold or silver with cheap looking stones. A good and alluring piece of jewellery beholds the attention of the people and makes the wearer the centre of attraction.

Most jewelers provide customized services for designing name necklace by crafting it with a name. They have an exclusive collection to choose from. If you are making an online order, make the order keeping adequate time in your hand. You should also be very careful with the spelling of the name and double check it so that it may not come misspell. Indulging in all the hassles if you happen to get a wrong spelt necklace would be gruesome for you and to the one whom you have gifted it.