There many cool gifts that you can offer to a technology enthusiast.

The first on the list is a Netbook. These mini computers are adored by users because they are small, light, super portable and deliver enough computing power for every day tasks.

If you have no idea what netbook to get for your loved one I suggest you consider ASUS EEE PC series and Acer Aspire One series. I have received an Asus EEE Pc for my birthday 2 years ago and I use it frequently. It is a good mini computer.


I he/she already has a netbook or laptop you can offer laptop accessories as presents. The most popular accessories for notebooks and mini computer are optical USB mousses, web cameras, external DVD drives, external Hard disks.

The final idea is to offer a tablet PC. The most popular choice is the iPad This is not a cheap gift but it will be loved for sure because the iPad has many useful features, it is small and light and it also looks amazing.

If the tech enthusiast already has this gadget you may consider offering iPad accessories. Most wished for are the protection cases, the portable mini bluetooth keyboards and the iPad Docks.