New babies bring a very special joy like no other. They also cause new moms to lose sleep and be on call 24 hours a day. During this often stressful period, why not step in with a few well timed gifts? You’ll be viewed as a lifesaver.


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Ask if you can go over and watch the newborn for a few hours while she sleeps. This may seem like you’re not offering much, but to a mom who’s been up for the last 20 hours straight, your offer will be golden. Let her climb into bed and sleep for as long as she likes. If she’s worried about the baby while she’s sleeping, offer to keep the baby monitor on and bring the baby to her as soon as he cries. She’ll rest easier.

A Manicure—Alone

New moms are short on time and sleep. And there’s definitely no time to stand in front of the mirror and primp. She’ll be lucky if she even has time to take a quick shower every day. So offer to let her go out for a manicure alone. She will welcome the pampering. If she’s uncertain if she wants to leave the baby so soon, offer to go with her and watch the baby at the salon while she enjoys her manicure. Or, you can give her a gift certificate and she can go any time she likes (with the same offer that you’ll watch the baby.)


When it comes to being able to get a list together and actually get out the door with an infant to go grocery shopping, most moms will put it on their most dreaded list. It’s hard to go out at first with a newborn, especially if the weather is bad. Stock the new family’s pantry with staples like milk that’s processed in a carton and is shelf-stable for use at any time, dried pastas, canned sauces, tuna, crackers, cereal, oatmeal, cookies, rice, beans and other canned goods. And don’t just drop your gift for the new mom off at the door. Offer to go in and put it away so she doesn’t have to.

A Quick Meal

Every so often, pop over with lunch or dinner already made. If Mom hasn’t had a chance to cook herself and her family a decent meal because she’s been so busy with baby, you’ll be thanked over and over again. Make it simple like a baked macaroni and cheese or a lasagna. Bring dessert that can be eaten over several days like brownies or cookies. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, but your timing will make it so welcomed. Just be sure to drop it and make a quick exit. The last thing you want is for an exhausted mom to feel like she has to invite you in, make coffee and entertain you when she’s already beat.

Depending on the new mom in your life, you can vary the gifts you give her. Chances are she got all the baby items and parenting things she needs at her baby shower or from other friends. So, the practical things are far more valuable to her now. A hot meal and time for a shower is worth more than any product you could find on a shelf.