There are probably few television programs that have proven their resilience better than Star Trek. There are very few Trekky fans who would not enjoy having a gadget that doesn’t reek of their favourite series. This article will serve as a primer for anyone who would like to give a gadget to their loved ones and favourite Trekky. Go ahead and read. Resistance is futile.

Star Trek gift box

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Star Trek wearables are some of the most popular items among Trekkys, wherever in the universe they might be. Whether you want your favourite Trekky to be able to wear something reminiscent of their favourite episode or the show overall, there’s plenty out there. If everyone has to wear a shirt, you might as well make it one just like an Enterprise crew member. You can choose the colour of your favourite crew member.

If your favourite Trekky is on his or her way to work, why not send them a parcel packing their favourite Star Trek tools? These can include a communicator that they can use to speak in the Enterprise. Or how about a tricorder to help them remember all the things they saw and did during the day. This can be a great gift which nobody might have ever presented to your favourite pal. And one never knows when things will get out of hand, so maybe a phaser will come in handy.

Or if your Trekky is staying home, there’s no need to let them feel like they are less than a complete member of the crew, regardless of the time of the day. Maybe a bath robe made to look like Captain Kirk’s uniform, or a ladies sleep shirt just like Lt. Uhura’s red cover could be perfect for him or her.

Not everybody can spend all of their time in front of the television–even if Star Trek is on–so a trip to the galley doesn’t have to be wasted. Choose from a universe of Trekky gadgets for your dining pleasure. There are pizza cutters and bottle openers designed like the Enterprise, Star Trek cookie cutters, and even an oven mitt designed to look like Spock’s "V" salute.

You can also present your buddy with a star trek cookbook to try and cook the exotic dishes of the Star Trek Universe. Well, if you have doubts about the ingredients, whether they would be locally available, procedure of preparation and a thousand more questions, you need not worry. The cookbook has been specially made to suit the twentieth century kitchen, so that dishes can be prepared and served with ease. What better gift can you give to your foodie trekky?
And once you’re back to your seat with snacks firmly in hand, Star Trek can provide all of the necessities, such as a Star Trek version of Monopoly, plush toys and other items. And if your Trekky is alone and needs a friend, tell him to tell it to a Tribble, which are available wherever Star Trek items are sold.
Lt. Uhura would be proud.

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