So you have been invited for a housewarming party. For starter, many homeowners conduct housewarming to officially welcome themselves (and their friends) into their new home. And they invite friends to share this happy moment with them.


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A typical housewarming party involves eating, drinking and of course giving gifts. Ideally, guests should offer something to the homeowner as a sign of gratitude for inviting them over. And so, you might stress yourself out thinking what to give. When you browse the internet, you can find a

handful of gift ideas which offer you several choices. After hours of walking through the department store, you have finally decided to buy kitchen product. However, there are certain modern-day inspired kitchen items that you might want to get for yourself too.

Here are few gift ideas for kitchen that you might think of getting one for yourself as well.

Finely Etched Candle Holder

One can truly appreciate the beauty and purpose of a candle holder when it is used. Giving your friend a candle holder may sound too ordinary. But this item is both practical and decorative. It can serve as centerpiece in addition to flowers on the table. During dinner, candles can be lighted up to add sophisticated atmosphere.

Why would you want to have this item too? Its distinct shape and etched design will surely lure you to buy for your own home.

Unique Spice Rack

Kitchen area will be incomplete without spices containers. Obviously, spices are used for cooking. Thus, it is essential to have handy containers for these condiments. If your friend loves to cook, giving a spice rack may be practical. There are many kinds of spice rack you can find at the housewares department, but getting a unique inspired spice container in a rack is pretty awesome.

One best selling spice rack in the market these days is the one with tubular spice containers, which really looked like test tubes with cork covers. So why would you dream to have it in your kitchen? With many available containers, there is a space to store every kind of spice. Kitchen top or counter will never be messy again with this item. Admit it, you want to have this rack in your own kitchen too!

Hands-Free Automatic Trash Can

Before, it is a common scenario to see people touching trash can lid to stuff the garbage inside. Maybe it looks messy and unsanitary. Have you seen your friend do this? Well, your friend will surely jump for joy if you give him/her an automatic trash can. A touchless garbage bin integrates a smart sensor that detects motions then open the cover. No need to hold and open the trash can. With a simple wave, the garbage can will open its covering.

Why would you aim to have this one? Well, for a very apparent reason, this item is very helpful. It helps save time and keep yourself away from germs found on the trash can. Indeed! it offers a very convenient way of disposing garbage.

Modern Grills

Many people think that grill is no longer a good gift idea. But in reality, grill will never be out in a list of ideal gift items. Modern-day kinds of grills are way too different from the past. For special party or even on ordinary day, grill machine is a perfect cooking buddy. Surprise your friend with a grill as your housewarming gift. Unquestionably, your friend will be touched with your gift.

Modern grill is truly helpful specifically if your friend lives in an apartment or a housing community like the Lincoln Military Housing. There are many grills today that are not just for outdoor usage instead they can be used indoor. And it is also for this reason as to why you want to acquire a grill in your own home.

By Ashley O’Connor