It can be so difficult to know what to get your college student as a gift. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or graduation time, college students can seem impossible to shop for. But these five ideas will certainly give you inspiration, and you’ll end up getting the college student in your life the best present ever.

The Top 5 Best Gifts for Your College Student

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Club Membership

Instead of the typical item that comes in a gift box, you can buy them a membership to a variety of great clubs. For example, a beer of the month club where they receive a monthly shipment of different beers is a fantastic option for the fun loving beer fan in college. This type of gift is creative and keeps the gift going for a full six months or twelve months.

Tech Gifts

Your college student is likely tech-savvy and totally into life on screens, watching TV and reading magazines on their various devices. Upgrade them to Hulu Plus or get them a Netflix account and gift card so they can enjoy their favorite TV programs and movies online. They will love the present and appreciate your tech friendly gift!

Study Boost

College students tend to spend tons of time in the library staring at books. Make their study time a little bit happier with a pair of noise canceling headphones, or a gift card to use in the library cafe on campus. Every time they sit down to hit the books, they’ll be glad they got the gift.

Travel Funding

Whether they’re looking at a semester studying abroad or looking to travel after graduation, college students love to jet around the world but it gets expensive fast. Buy them a gift card to use on an online travel booking company, airline, or hotel chain. They’ll put it to good use as they make their exciting travel plans.

Dorm Room Decor

Any college student’s dorm room is likely to need sprucing up. Help them make that happen with picture frames with photos of family and friends, posters depicting their favorite movie or sports team, or other room decor items. They’ll love the personal touch and their room will look all the better when you visit!

Consider these five great gift ideas and the college student in your life will truly appreciate the present they’ve received for a holiday or birthday. It’s hard to know what they might want, but these are fantastic ideas to get you started. Any college student will be grateful for the gift!

Article by Rose McKellen