You have an important corporate event coming up and you want to leave a lasting impression on a number of important clients but are unsure of how to go about it. Never fear! We’ve got a great list of promotional gifts that they are sure to not only enjoy, but are guaranteed to keep your business front of mind:

Know your clients

The first step to choosing the best gifts for your corporate clients is to know what they like. Are they more on the traditional side or is something fun and quirky more appropriate?

The gift should be reflective of what you do

You want your clients to think of your business whenever they are enjoying their gift. But if the link between what you gave them and what you do is a little too far removed, consider something different. If you are a fun, young team of marketing and PR professionals with a slant towards business people that are predominantly male, then a quality cooler bag featuring your logo is a great gift idea.

If you are working in the beauty industry, your gift to clients should be reflective of the high standard of services and beauty items and you have available. A set of fine makeup brushes is a great gift or perhaps a decorative makeup mirror suitable for slipping in the handbag would be just the thing.

Go green

People are becoming more and more socially aware of their impact on the environment and as a result, so are businesses. If you want to position yourself in this light, it’s a good idea to go with an innovative ‘green’ gift. A great example is a ceramic takeaway mug that comes with a lid. These mugs are a replacement for the disposable cup and also offer customers a discount at many cafes when they are used.
Other great green gifts include solar powered items such as torches and even shower timers.

Traditional gift ideas

In certain industries you may be best to stay traditional. Smaller promotional items such as pens, green bags and usb sticks are always something that you know your client can use. If you are constantly meeting an important customer in cafes and they are always bringing their laptop why not get them a quality laptop bag? It’s a great professional gift with a little personal touch to it.

What would you like to receive?

A great way to start brain storming gift ideas is to think about corporate gifts you’ve received in the past. What did you like? What did you find useful? This will help you decide on the right gift ideas for your clients.
There are so many great corporate gifts out there, suitable for a wide range of budgets. I hope our list of tips and ideas for choosing the right gift for your all important stakeholders has given you inspiration on just the thing to gift, at your next company conference.