A corporate event is an opportunity for you to showcase your company, its products and services, its people and it’s abilities in a way that is memorable and unique. It is a chance to create brand awareness and recognition, build relationships and encourage potential customers or clients to look into opportunities to work with you.

So why just follow the trend and do the norm? Why go simple, and plain? Why just talk at your guests instead of getting them involved and initiating that feeling that people who work with your company are truly treated as part of the team?
Making your event something spectacular yet personal, interesting yet informative and useful yet unique is a great challenge. It’s stepping outside the realm of fancy dinners to win new clients, sending gifts to build relationships and call after call to get an appointment. It’s giving people a chance to see your company in its glory and win followers!
So how can you pull off such an event?

1. The Invitation

So you could send a beautiful invitation in an envelope or a gift basket with the time and date of your event. You can even call them personally or you could make your invitation stand out. These days technology is amazing, so make the most of it. We love our Skype and face to face, so why not create your own spectacular video invitation and have it hand delivered on a branded thumb drive, to the potential guest. If they don’t come, likely they will still keep and use the USB so recall will be a great bi-product of this initiative.

2. Align with Something That Promotes Recall

If your product or service aligns with a big event or well-known initiative don’t ignore it – take advantage of it so that you also align the recall of your brand with this popular, renowned occurrence. If your company specialises in baby toy manufacture, align your event with Christmas, and give away toys for guests to give at Christmas. If you produce gifts or fine gourmet products, align the event with something like Father’s Day, and give away special Father’s Day Gift Baskets.

3. Information

Presentations are presentations are presentations. Make your information segment within the event interesting and unique. Make it a production. Move away from PowerPoint and old men with droning voices, and include audio visual, lights, and colour to make your information stand out and be remembered.

4. Interaction

Don’t let your information be the entire event, throw in something that requires interaction from your guests. This could be something traditional like a gala dinner, but why go traditional, why not stand out? Invite your guests to be part of the event by getting involved. Make your presentations interactive, set up test stands, and deliver a range of experiences along with your show.