In today post you can see some of the most beautiful Italian gifts. All the masks, leather items and jewelry are carefully selected in Florence.

Italian gift no 1 – glass jewelry Starfish.

glass jewelry Starfish

This is one of my favorite pieces – simply gorgeous Starfish jewelry made from the finest glass.

Glass jewelries are elegant but also very affordable.

Italian gift no 2 – Murano glass jewelry Mur5 vibrant red


Murano glass is a famous product of the Venetian island of Murano. This glass is famous all around the world because of it’s beauty.

The Murano glass jewelry Mur5 vibrant red is a vibrant statement of red with delicate, square matching earrings. A gift she will adore.

Italian gift no 3 – Italian Handbag

italian handbag

A chic purse which comes with the Florence logo stamped on front. Elegant and fit for almost all occasions. A present which will be appreciated for sure.

Italian gift no 4 – Carnival masks

Carnival masks

The Carnival started as a time for celebration and expression allowing all the different classes of society to meet, socialize and interact,as the masks hid their identities. This is why carnival masks are so loved.

If you can afford it don’t buy only the mask, buy the masks tickets to a famous carnival.

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