The holiday season calls for some sweet treats to hit the dinner table once everyone has enjoyed a delightful supper. But sometimes, there may be so many other things to do that it becomes difficult for you to prepare something which the family can enjoy. Also there may be times when you need an instant replacement for those sweet cravings when you forget to make the pie. Cinnamon sugar coated almonds are a bowl full of candied crisps which the family can simply scoop out into their hands and munch on through the evening. An easy recipe can also be encouraged with the kids who they might use as a present for you next year.


For this simply recipe you would need the egg white from one egg in a bowl. Beat the egg white till it forms a stiff, thick foam. This would take a few minutes of vigorousstirring before the egg white looks like thick cream and the foam holds shape firmly. To this you must add one teaspoon of cold water and half a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract for flavour. Stir the mixture again till the foam begins to hold stiffly again, against the beater.

In another bowl take half a cup of packed light brown sugar. In this add a quarter teaspoon of salt to enhance the flavour of the sugar, and half a teaspoon of cinnamon to bring strong aroma and essence to the mixture. Once the powered cinnamon, brown sugar and salt have blended well, empty two cups of almonds into the bowl and let the powder mixture coat the almonds evenly.

Mix the egg white foam with the powder coated almonds and beat well till the almonds are well covered with the mixture. Take an oven tray and line the same with a sheet of foil. Place the coated almonds on the sheet and spread them out evenly to make sure they do not overlap one another. To achieve the perfect candied effect on these almonds place them in an oven which has been preheated at 250ÂșC.

At intervals of fifteen minutes, make sure the tray of almonds is pulled out and stirred. This turning of the almonds will ensure that they are candied equally and the surface of the almonds is not left uncoated from any side. The initial cooking process may look like the mixture is simply slipping off the almonds, as a result of which, the almonds may look like they would not be well coated, and thus the regular stirring is a must.

After approximately forty five minutes of cooking the almonds in the mixture, you can pick up an almond and check if it has been cooked well. If the almonds are still sticky or wet, they need more time in the oven, but if they have dried up completely and the candy coating on top is hard and crispy, they are ready to be eaten.

This simple recipe can be made at home at any time, without any real hassles being taken on. The candied almonds with cinnamon and sugar can be collected and stored in a cookie box and a little munch would be enjoyed through the day. Enjoy the holiday with a sprinkle of sugar and a breath of cinnamon with these candied almonds.

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