When I was searching for new gifts for the holidays, I came across the Taylor Gifts website where I found these 3 funny presents.

#1. Candy wizard

candy wizard

This device works with gum, peanuts, and candy. The candy wizard is motion activated so all you have to do to get a candy is to place you hand near it and a motion-activated sensor will give you a candy.

If you want more candies just turn the dial to adjust portion size.

#2. Battery salt and pepper

battery salt and pepper

This is a really funny gift. We all use salt and pepper in our kitchens to give the food more flavor. With the rechargeable salt and pepper battery shakers it will be pleasure to add salt and pepper to foods.

The shakers replicate "D" batteries. The transparent strip indicates when you need to refill the recipients.

#3. Rednek wine glass

rednek wine glass

The Rednek wine glass is a blend of class and fun. To make sure you won’t spill your beer or wine the Rednek wine glass features a lid on top.

This gift is perfect for those who enjoy picnics.