Nautical gifts ideas. This post is paid for review.

Nautical gifts are perfect for people who love the sea or like to sail.

The nautical gifts will allways help the person who received the gift to remember the beautiful moments spent on sailing.

The nautical gifts that you may offer to someone are divided in 7 categories: Nautical Instruments, Model Ships, Nautical Décor, Nautical Furniture, Nautical Gifts and Collectibles,
Nautical Lights and Lamps and World Globes.

I will present some nautical gift ideas from each category.

Nautical Instruments gift ideas

Astrolabe Ring


These instruments are exact, authentic, minimized reproductions of those used in the 15th to 17th centuries, which are now on display in various European museums. They are some of the most important instruments of their
time, and were used for navigation, locating the positions of the stars, obtaining the latitude and monitoring wind directions. Though they are not presently used on ships they are wonderful pieces for your family fun
collection, and unique promotional items.

– Used in the 18th century
– Principally employed as an equatorial solar quadrant
– Used to indicate the solar time

Sale Price $118.00.

Chrome Compass


Pelican Bay Nautical Nickel Compass Features:

– Solid heavy duty brass
– Nickel finish
– Magnetic dial
– Easy to read
– Solid wooden case with nickel plated brass fixtures

Sale Price $110.00.

Model Ships gift ideas

Caribbean Pirate Ship


Amazing details: planked deck with nail holes, barells, buckets, cannon ball racks, rudder chains, coiled ropes, and more!
Meticulously painted to that of an actual Corsair Pirate Ship.
10 masterfully stitched, thick canvass sails that hold their shape and do not wrinkle.
Built with rare, high quality woods such as cherry, walnut, oak, birch and maple.

Sale Price $250.00.

USS Constellation


Over 3 feet long, this authentic model ship is a handcrafted masterpiece
Built with rare, high quality woods such as light ebony, rosewood and blackwood
Handpainted the actual colors of the real USS Constellation still floating at Baltimore Inner Harbor

Sale Price $485.00.

Nautical decor gift ideas

20 Gallon Rectangular Eclipse Aquarium


The perfect companion for the Eclipse Filtration and Illumination System made by MarineLand. Combining the many benefits of SeaClear Acrylic Aquariums with the features of the Eclipse System yields a combination of beauty, styling and safety. These tanks offer a lifetime warranty against leakage and feature safe, rounded corners with no unsightly sealer – clear, strong and bright. Seventeen times stronger and less than half the weight of a comparably sized glass aquarium!

Sale Price $124.00.

Nautical Furniture gift ideas

Seaworld Cocktail Table- Imperial Finish


Seaworld Cocktail Table made from solid brass frame.

Sale Price $2,100.00.

Nautical Gifts and Collectibles gift ideas

Stormglass Weather Forecaster with a Hook BRASS


This mysterious weather predictor has been used since 1750. Admiral Fitzroy, the famous sailor and meteorologist, used the Stormglass aboard the HMS Beagle during his historic voyage with Darwin. After 250 years, how the Stormglass works is still a mystery, but it is believed that it has to do with the electromagnetic changes caused by weather and sun storms. The appearance of the crystals inside the glass indicates changes in the weather. The sealed glass chamber that holds the crystals is encapsulated in a beautifully crafted brass cylinder.

Sale Price $131.95.

3 Bottle Wall Mounted Liquor Dispenser gift


Three Bottle Wall Mounted Design.
Holds up to 1 Liter Bottles .
Available in Brass and Chrome Measures.

Price: $132.95.

Nautical Lights and Lamps gift ideas

Anchor Lamp


Ships at anchor signal their position with the classic anchor lamp. They typically have a 360-degree light radius and must be visible from 2 – 3 miles. Our exceptionally heavy quality reproduction is made in copper with
many solid cast brass details.

Sale Price $175.00.

French Lantern


It was a heart stopping moment encountering this lantern at an obscure auction in Paris. Utilitarian, attractive and historical to boot& Somehow French tool and instrument makers excelled in adding a little molding here, a nick or twist there. To result in a product of unsurpassed elegance and appeal. Our lantern once lighted dinner and strategy during expeditions of the Colonial Army, an army still in existence today…quartered in Tahiti, Saigon, Casablanca, Martinique…The army inventory was melted down to make bullet casings during WWII. The reason for these being rare, extremely rare. Our exact replica is fitted with a high quality original oil-burner. Hand blown glass, aged bronze finish, hand rubbed to give it the exact look and feel of its original. Practical, decorative and totally unique.

Sale Price $300.00.

World Globes gift ideas

Terrestrial Table Globe


Mounted on an elaborate wood stand with turned supports and ball feet. Printed horizontal ring and functioning dry compass with bronze meridian circle.

Sale Price $270.00.

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