If you know someone who likes travelling, or has to for business purposes, you are probably usedtobuyingthem gifts that help their journeys be a little less stressful. Like many situations like this, however, it is quite easy to run out of ideas. There are only so many times you can buy someone an ergonomic cushion for long-haul flights, for example. In this article we try and make it a little easier for you by giving you a rundown of the ten best travel gifts for the traveller in your life. We’ve gone for practical rather than ostentatious, because we know that travellers like easy to use stuff.

Think about it. You’re on a long-haul flight with babies screaming in the background. The very last thing you want is to have to endure that kind of thing. A traveller would love some noise reduction earphones, and the best on the market are currently the Sony MDR-NC13. They take out 87% of background noise; so they’re perfect for flights, train rides, whatever.


You will need to carry all sorts of stuff when you travel, and your travelling friend will love it if you give them a proper, multi-purpose travel wallet. Here you can store passports, cards, foreign currency etc.


Grab them a worldwide adaptor too. You don’t want to be stuck in a hotel room unable to play your extra-special phone-link stereo gadget. An adaptor that can be used in countries all over the world is worth it’s weight in gold for the weary traveller who wants to hear their alarm clock and no other. Trust us, travellers want this.It makes a big difference having an adaptor that can be used wherever you are.


For a little bit of luxury and a real chance for the weary traveller to wind down a little after a long day moving from place to place, you could buy them a travel journal. This gives them an opportunity to document their diary-like feelings and ideas as they move around the globe. You can buy some fantastic examples of these, but we love the Savanna Croc Journal from Kiki James. Sometimes travellers just want to get their thoughtsdown on paper, and having a particularly beautiful example of a journal to do this in is a real bonus for anyone.


Proporta.com offers a turbo charger that works through USB ports. The USB Turbocharger 5000 (we know, it sounds a little like a mad scientist’s invention) will happily charge up any device that has a USB port, no mater how battery hungry it is. Perfect for laptops or anything that you need to get the juice into.


Buy them an alarm clock. Maybe they don’t want to have thefront desk call them at six in the morning on the telephone (who actually does like this?) and if you buy them analarm clock they will feel that they own their mornings. There areplenty of actually quite pleasant alarm clocks out therethat can really wake up the traveller gently and calmly. You may need to search around, but it’s worth it to protect the traveller’s sanity.


Another absolutely vital gift is a full traveller’s toiletries set. This essential item is all about ensuring that the traveller feels rested, fresh and ready for whatever their adventurepresents them with. One of the best examples of this is the Molton Brown Frequent Traveller Toiletry Kit. Available from most large stores, it brings a little bit luxury into the busy traveller’s life.


For the more tech savvy traveller you need to get him something that means he can still send emails and write reports even though he hasn’t got his laptop with him. There is one gift that is incredibly technologically advanced but still absolutely essential for anyone who has to keep up with business whileon the move. The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard projects out a keyboard whilst connecting wirelesslyto your phone or iPad. It looks amazing and allows you to type even if you are just using your phone. And it is big enough as a projection to feel like a laptop.


You may also want to consider a nice e-reader so that thetraveller gets to read all of those books she wants to read but just cannot find the time to. The Kindle is a great option, but there are alternatives now that do just the same job.


Or you could just buy them a brand new smartphone. They may have one, but it is always nice to have an extra one that you get them to store their personal numbers only on, so you have that special hotline to the person you love. A growing trend, the ‘personal smartphone’ is a wonderfully personal idea that is sure to get any traveller feeling extra special, even if they are thousands of miles away.

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