When bed sheets wear out, typically the next stage of their life includes the thrift store or the rag pile. But if the sheets have a design you really like and hate to part with or want to reuse as a gift, get creative with the fabric. Reusing materials you have on-hand is a great eco-friendly way to save money, so why not transform those tired old bed sheets into something brand new?

In the Kitchen

Sheets can find a variety of new functions in the kitchen. You could sew them into a set of cloth napkins, placemats, a table runner or a tablecloth. Is your table already set? Then repurpose your sheets into an apron or potholders to use while cooking. Need help with the dishes? Old sheets make durable dishrags.

In the Bathroom

Your sheets probably wouldn’t be effective as bath towels, but you could turn them into a bathmat. Or, if you’re feeling especially creative, give them new life as a shower curtain. Another tried-and-true idea, of course, is to cut them into strips to use as bandages or slings.

In the Living Room

After a few runs through the sewing machine, your old sheets can become your new curtains in no time. You could also add stuffing and create matching throw pillows for the couch, or make a slipcover to put on the sofa.

Bed sheets that are especially worn out can be used as drop cloths for painting, furniture covers for moving and, of course, rags for cleaning.

Anne Perkins is a freelance writer focused on how to live large on a little living.