Toady I have a selection of gift ideas for 2013 new year. I have selected the best I found after reading 12 articles.

For the tech enthusiasts get a cool watch like the Abyss LED Touchscreen Wristwatch.

Abyss LED Touchscreen Watch

According to the Abyss LED Touchscreen Wristwatch is an LED based touchscreen watch that is simply out of this world. This thing will for sure tickle everyone’s fancy. Costs jus $ 70 but is sure to make you drool. Just tap on the screen and the Blue and white LEDs encircle the Abyss to tell you what time it is.

This gift can be purchased from

The suggest the following Gifts for kids: Make your own children and the kids in your family feel loved and treasured on New Year’s Day by gifting them a cuddly teddy bear that comes in a special bag which includes a variety of chocolates.

New-Year-2013-Gifts for kids

The guys from suggest offering Floral gifts and Object d’art (Gifts under this category can be anything from fountains, clocks, wind chimes, dream catchers to china or, metal sculptures and picture pals). recommends:

Monogrammed coasters and coffee mugs – Your darling would always think of you; whenever he/she would have coffee, you would be in his/her mind. Walk into your honey’s heart by getting your loving pictures printed on the coffee mugs or coasters.

Bottle of wine or champagne with name engraved – Nothing is more romantic and festive than a bottle of wine on New Year eve. Order of the large size champagne bottle and add a love note with it. Make your New Year gift ideas the most unforgettable ones. has a cool selection of gifts for 2013 New Year including funny teddy bears and t-shirts.

Funny New Year Teddy Bear offers a lot of special treats for the New Year.