Do you want to gift something special to your mother? How about an apron? Its not necessary to give her those boring and plain colored piece of cloth to tie around her waist. These can be fashionable kitchen accessories with a wide variety of styles and colors of your choice. Just customized the apron with any design and have fun while you cook. Apron can be an ideal gift for bridal showers and housewarmings as well. Size is not an issue because all aprons are one size and fits everyone. So, if you think aprons cannot be attractive, then you are making a mistake because in the world of customization anything is possible.


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l If your kid loves to spend his or her time at kitchen and help you out in preparing dishes, you can design an apron for the little one. Kids love have an apron of their own, so look for an ideal size and personalize it. You can pick some of their favorite characters or hobbies and create a funny or interesting apron. In case you are unable to find the right size, get a half apron for your child and make it attractive one to bring smile on the face of your kids.

l There are many who love to decorate their aprons with fabric or any other hand printed designs. The printable iron-on transfer papers are also used widely for decorating apron. You can do it yourself, by just holding on the design against the cloth and ironing it. Why not put your artistic skill by decorating your own apron? Paint it using fabric or other such colors but be careful while washing because there are always chances of colors to get fade. The material of the apron should be good enough to stand all the kitchen mess and dirt.

l How about embroidered apron? Vintage style is still in demand. The typical apron with a bow and different patterns of fabric in a contrast manner are still in demand. The age old imprinted or sewed kitchen designs with ruffles are still the ideal nature of apron. You can even place some embroidery decorations on your generic apron. This can be anything; may be your name or a design of your choice. You can even directly sew on the apron anything that reflect your personality.

l How about adding applique to your apron? You can select patchwork that you want to feature on your apron and stitch it in your apron. It will make your apron look really good. These designs can be anything, so pick something that looks good and create the apron of your choice.

Jazzing up an apron is not a difficult task at all. You can add anything to it for making it more fascinating. Apart from these you can add ribbons and other embellishments. But do not overdo anything because the apron is for kitchen use, so it is better to personalize with things that do not effect cooking or doing any other kitchen chores. So, if you are still thinking of a gift, personalize an apron and make it priceless with your personal touch.

By Steve Carry