Admit it, you love giving and receiving gifts. Who doesn’t? Gift giving is a kind of human tradition we all love and look forward to. Whether it is baptism or birthday, wedding or anniversary, gift is always among the highlights of any celebration. Although, I believe that the most elaborate gifts of all are usually prepared and given during Christmas.

Whether there is an occasion or not, we love to surprise someone even with a simple gift. Usually though, the most difficult part of this exciting fascination for many is how to find the perfect gift for a particular person or loved one.

But in this time of financial difficulties, we are most ready to forget about lavish gift giving and resolve to economical ideas, which is the most practical thing to do. This doesn’t mean eschewing the significant value and meaning of the act, but using equitable means to show our own brand of thoughtfulness.

If you loved giving gifts but wouldn’t want to shell out much money for it, here are inexpensive gift ideas you may consider checking out in all occasions when you need to think of something to give, share and do.

For Grannies

In-Home Services. Generally, old people are no longer agile and impregnable. Why not consider getting in-home services for them? Let them enjoy a time off from household drudgery and allow the in-home service deal with the mess.

Gift Certificates & Cards. They would be happy to receive gift cards to a gas station, grocery store or a spa. Although these things could be delivered through cash, giving it in a form of gift is relatively heartwarming.

For Couples or Lovers

Baking Course or Workshop. Surprise them with a certificate of enrolment to a special baking or cooking workshop. Aside from it is economical, it is also an exciting way for them to bond by exploring something new, which they could also use at home.

Fine Dinner. Instead of throwing a party for them at your expense, it is financially wise to trim your options down to a sweet and romantic dinner in a classy diner. You will not only waive the stress of planning and organizing a party, but you will also keep your coffer healthy.

For Teens

Gadgets. For sure, gadget-related gifts will make them feel satisfied. Well, you don’t have to buy the latest and most expensive to make them happy. A Tablet would be beneficial to them whatever their interests are and there are available apps designed for almost everyone.

Accessories. Popular and trendy accessories like an iPad keyboard, iPad 2 cases, bag, and other related stuff would let them join the fad on hi-tech gadgets and cool accessories. Based on their interests, get them something they don’t have yet.

For Kids

Gift Basket. A gift basket full of items they really love, like toys and children’s accessories, would make them excited. But always remember that most children are picky, so before buying those items you have to know what they would really like when it comes to gifts.

Electronics & Games. For techie kids, you may consider getting them child-friendly gadgets and games for them to explore, learn and enjoy. But make sure you make constant supervision to ensure that they are using the gadget appropriately.

For Anyone

Books & Movie Tickets. There are people who can’t call it a day without reading a book or watching a movie. Books and movie tickets are modest gift ideas that would surely fascinate anyone.

Wine & Chocolates. The old-time classics. Who doesn’t love these two luxurious items? A stylish ribbon or wrapper would make these more sophisticated anyone could not resist but sip and bite.

When it comes to gift giving, I still believe that it’s the thought that counts. Whether it is expensive or just a simple item as long as it is heartily given, it is more than enough.

Brandon Peters is an entrepreneur, writer and a travel, gadgets, health, and outdoors enthusiast. He loves sharing his insights, knowledge and experience in different fields. You can follow him through Facebook, Twitter and Google+.