Forget impersonal store bought presents. Advances in computer and camera technology mean that even the biggest of technophobes can now create personalised gifts. They can use their own photographs that are sure to be warmly received.

photo book Christmas gift

The Easy Way to Create Gifts That Show You Care

Not so long ago, only real computer and camera whizzes had the necessary know-how to put together gifts personalised with favourite photographs and other images. But thanks to major advances in the way that we upload pictures to our computers and to the web, it is now a cinch to create personalised gifts that really show the recipient how much they mean to us. The last couple of years have seen a marked increase in the number of sites offering easy uploads to greetings cards, t-shirts, stationary and a whole lot more, whilst a current on-trend gift idea is the  photobookk.

Give an Ultra-modern, Ultra-personal Gift

A photobook is an ultra-special gift that will really stand the test of time. It is possible to create a professional looking  coffee tablee book featuring your own snaps, whether they be of a new baby, a wedding, a trip overseas, or just favourite moments.

Photobooks are perhaps the ultimate way to create a truly special gift and the good news is that all that is required is a little time and thought. You don’t need any special technological skills to put together a photobook that will be looked at time and time again. Many sites offer templates to quickly and easily design a photobook, whilst more creative types have the flexibility to design their own books from scratch. Depending on budget and the type of book you are looking to create, it is possible to choose from paperback or hardback, from just a few pages to hundreds of pages and from just one copy to as many copies as you might care to print. The idea of the photobook is as simple as it is flexible; customers can choose the pictures they would like to include, in the layout of their choice and to the specifications of their choice.

Books to Suit all Tastes and Budgets

It is possible to quickly and cheaply create paperback photo books as a fun way to remember a holiday or hen or stag weekend, or to invest more money into creating a classy, hardback book that will take pride of place on a coffee table, where it will look every bit as good as a professionally published photography book. Whilst it was once necessary to head to a specialist camera store to put together such a special gift, it is now possible to do so without even leaving the house.

Choose Your Level of Creative Input

As long as the pictures you wish to use are easy to access via your computer, tablet or smartphone, you can create a book that suits your tastes down to the ground. Those with a love of technology and design can get super-creative and put together something ultra-personalised, whilst those looking for something a little simpler can find a template to suit and upload their own images and comments. The idea of the photobook is wonderfully modern and slick and as a gift, it shows the recipient just how much thought has been put into creating something really special.

Author Bio
Shirley Jones is a freelance photographer and writer who regularly contributes to a range of photography websites and blogs. She adores the simplicity and flexibility of photobooks and is currently putting together a book of images from her travels in Eastern Europe.