You wouldn’t be the only person to consider merry old Father Christmas and say, wow, he could afford to drop a little heftiness. Passing on mince pies and cakes would help — he must consume a few tons each December. Diabetes, heart attacks– all too feasible for old Santa Claus , I fear.


Custom states that each and every family that celebrates Xmas ought to leave out a snack and a little tipple for Santa Claus every Christmas– so every December, Saint Nick wolfs down mincemeat pies, chocolate biscuits, X-mas pudding and shortcake, around the planet . To wash it all down afterwards, he also gets chilled glasses of milk, pints of Guinness, shooters of sherry and steaming mugs of hot chocolate.

Not exactly cucumber sticks and a glass of water , right ? Three hundred billion calories isn’t exactly the suggested day-to-day quota for an aging man, even a magic man!
But it appears that his stomach neither shrinks nor increases each year, even with how much calorie content he must gulp down, each Christmas Night . It’s a mystery how he manages to sustain such a steady (if just a bit below par) body weight.

Well, the answer is, the same as everybody else: physical activity, and lots of it.
27,000 trifling tons of increased body weight is not sufficient to detain Father Xmas from finishing his job . He combats his increasing waistline by jogging up and down between his sleigh and uncountable chimneys, climbing over rooftops and carrying sacks of goodies– and by the time the sun rises, he will have sweated off more than 100 billion calories.

So if you have ever asked yourself where old Saint Nick spends his time between Christmases, then puzzle no more. He’s getting busy in the gym, pumping iron and taking on the treadmill, to make certain that he will be back to full fitness and ready to do it all again next December
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Guest post by Dan Hart