Boys are inexplicably attracted to wheels even from an early age. From toy trikes to bicycles, to scooters, motorcycles, sports cars, and trucks, it is more likely that a man falls in love with a set of wheels well before he falls for another human being.



Do you have a boy or a man in your life that is into wheels? Chances are, you do. When they celebrate the milestones and achievements in their life, it would be very ideal to gift them with something that they can drive or ride, but barring that, there are always many thoughtful and useful gift items that you can give them that is congruent to their vehicular proclivities.

For the so-called “adult” males who are passionate about their wheels, here are a few choice gift ideas that you could spring for on their birthday or some other special gift-giving occasion:

Fuzzy Dice

Of all known car ornaments, these must be the most timeless and sought after decorative car accessories in the entire Western world. Whether in the original white with black pips or one of the many color and style variants available out there, fuzzy dice will always be a welcome gift to grace the rearview mirrors of cars and trucks of all makes and models.

Headrest Covers

Another way to decorate the vehicle’s interior, custom headrest covers are often marked with the logo of some favorite sports team or car brand, and some come in a wide variety of designs that are limited only by the imagination. If you know your auto guy’s favorite team or brand, you can go ahead and buy a couple of these covers.

There are also padded versions of these; make sure you know what the general dimensions of his headrest are so as to avoid buying covers that won’t fit.

Automotive Tool Kit

Men who like cars also like their car tools. With these instruments, they can tweak and tinker with their big toys to their heart’s delight, or make basic repairs or adjustments when necessary. Buying your car-loving man a good tool kit is always a gesture that won’t be easily forgotten.

Set of Tires

Tires are basically the shoes of an automobile, and thus, are prone to wear and tear. These might be a little pricey to buy as a set, but with some good old-fashioned online bargain hunting, one can find some tires on sale that will fit your man’s motorized chariot. Some research is necessary as to the make and model (along with the wheel and tire size) of the vehicle he drives, of course.

Auto Detailing

This is analogous to the full spa treatment for cars. It is a very meticulous, time and labor-intensive cleaning, polishing, and waxing of a vehicle, making it look pristine and almost new. Treating your guy’s car to auto detailing is a very thoughtful gift; he’ll surely give you some free rides in return.

Keep on driving!

Michael Green is a veteran of the rat race, having worked at a business consultancy firms in San Francisco and New York for most of his young adult life. He left on his fortieth birthday to become a fully self-employed entrepreneur, and settled in San Diego to pursue various opportunities within the city. He’s into golf, oggling and geeking over sportscars, and starting small-capital businesses.