Maxi dresses have long made the transition from bring the staple of dressy women to being a versatile, sexy outfit that is a must have during summers and springs. Presenting a maxi dress to a loved one is definitely high on the list of appreciated gifts. However, there are certain pointers to be considered when shopping for a maxi dress as ill selection outfits could result in one looking like they put on a potato sack with neck and arm holes.


There exist generic rules to be followed when seeking a maxi dress. Always choose a dress that has a shape, however slight, as these dresses tend to fit the body well. In the event that you pick up a shapeless maxi, pair it with a fitting jacket or a complementing belt to allow the dress to enhance your curves. An ankle-length dress is the shortest you can go with a maxi as anything shorter would come across as an ill-considered shopping choice.

When shopping for a petite special someone, you will want to narrow your search to apparel that fit her snugly. Anyone with a height of up to 5 ft. 4 in. is considered petite and long dresses are not exactly the best option for women of this height. However, a well-fitting long dress with a deep V-neck, paired with suitable heels, can work wonders. A V-neck creates the illusion of elongating the body, and this neckline is oft considered to best enhance pear shaped bodies by creating a vision of widening the shoulders of the wearer.

For a petite friend, browse through neutral shades, letting the complexion of the woman influence the choice of color. Green, chocolate brown and black are time-tested colors that make a person appear taller. Vertical and slim prints are best suited for people of short or mediocre stature as such prints contribute to the illusion of height.

Maxi dresses are favored by women of complexions, height, body shapes and sizes. Find a maxi to fit you can be a cakewalk if you know exactly what to look for. When you are browsing the plus size section of the retail outlet, a couple of consideration could help you make an educated choice. Wide straps are preferable over spaghetti straps or tube tops. This is because fat cells tend to get accumulated in the upper arms, and thin straps only gives the wearer the appearance of being more rotund than reality. Wide straps and short sleeves, on the other hand, compliment the body, making the upper arms appear slender and comely.

When reaching out for a printed dress, be sure to opt for large prints. Miniscule polka dots or small prints do little to compliment your body. Large prints, on the other hand, in neutral colors settle well on the body and make you appear slimmer.

Maxi dresses in plus sizes must be chosen to fit the body snugly. Loose-fitting maxis only make you appear more bulky, making fitting dresses the better option of the two. V-necks are a woman’s best friend, enhancing her figure and giving her a tall and proportioned appearance.

Maxi dresses in their free flowing glory make for comfortable summer and spring options. With the soft fabric smoothly caressing your skin, neither scorching sun nor humidity can daunt you. Choosing the right maxi dress is but half the battle. The remaining battle requires you to accessorize your dress accordingly. The accessories you choose can make the difference between a casual coffee gathering and a cocktail party. Chunky bangles, bold scarves and loud necklaces / chains are the order of the day.

Maxi dresses come in a plethora of patterns and prints. Playful multi-colored outfits reflect energetic, enthusiastic minds, and are best carried off by those with such a personality. Neutral colors befit women of all attitudes well, flattering anyone who dons them. Smaller prints are best worn by petite or slim women, while those of mediocre and bountiful builds are advised to pick out maxis of large prints.

There is no dearth of option in necklines and back designs, making it mandatory for one to try out a dress before purchasing it. If the girl you intend to present a maxi dress has never worn one before, either purchase a dress from a store that allows exchange or get her to try the dress without letting slip your intentions. A maxi will not fall on your body the same way that it adorns a mannequin.

The footwear chosen must depend not only on your height but also on the demands of the dress. Flats are the most favored footwear with maxis but those of mediocre or short stature will want to opt for heels instead. Cross body bags have been observed to best compliment a wide range of maxi dresses. However, the more sober and elite prints call for neutral handbags and clutches. Experiment with your accessories till you find the right look. When presenting a woman with a maxi dress, you might also want to throw in a few accessories to complete the set.

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