Looking to save some money and be creative while presenting gifts to him, her, your parents, kids or anyone else. It is very easy to tackle the gift list by making most of them at home and by your own hands. These hand and homemade gifts will not only be inexpensive but they will be revered and praised by the recipient for the effort you put in to craft these amazing little gifts.

Some Fabulous Handmade Gifts:

Following are some of the great handmade gift ideas to please someone very special to you.

· Food Safe Wood Cutting Board:

Food loving people will love this custom made board and will definitely appreciate your efforts. The project requires only basic woodwork skills and some simple equipment to complete and the outcome will be chef worthy and far from ordinary.

· Rolling Storage Crate:

This can be an extremely funny gift for kids as they can store their books and toys in it. It can also be used to store the necessities of a new born making it a thoughtful gift for a mom-to-be. In order to create it, you need to explore online sites or antique stores to find an old crate and then clean the crate and remove any staples and splinters. Purchase casters, coat them with kicky spray paint color, and attach them to bottom slates of crates with wooden screws.

· Superhero Cap:

You can simply stitch a perfect gift for you little heroes to tell them that they are really super. This action ready gift guarantees to provide hours of imaginative playtime especially if personalized with their names or initials.

· Recycled Sweater Scarf:

You can give a new life to favorite sweaters that have past their lives but still liked by your loved ones by making them even cozier and oversized scarfs. You can create a hip by stitching ends together, can leave them for a traditional style wrap, and can make a continuous design.

· Bottle Cap Necklace:

You can create a sensational one-of-a-kind necklace for your favorite tween. This can turn out to be a stunning craft project for an older child to complete at your own or with some help from a crafty and cool adult.

· Gadget Cozy:

This is a great little project for a crafty person or one with the most basic sewing skills. You only need felt and some beads to create a beautiful little cozy for member of your family to protect their expensive gadgets.

· An Outdoorsy Frame:

A favorite camping photo, a twig and an inexpensive frame is all you need to create a beautiful outdoorsy frame featuring your family enjoying amazing outdoor adventures. This is the perfect gift for everyone as you are helping him or her to preserve and cherish his or her happy memories. Similarly, you can also accomplish the task by getting your family photos on canvas converted to canvas prints that will also make the gift little more personalized.

· Text Speak Accessories:

You can artistically use digital age “shorthand” to embellish scarf’s, towels, pillows or throws to put “smiley” on a tech savvy face. You can simply paint these letters or even stitch them on personal and home accessories mentioned above.


These are some of the simplest and cheapest handmade gift ideas that will not only satisfy you personally but will also please the recipients.