Wives who are on the lookout for the ideal gifts should consider these common but useful items.


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There is no question about it, your husband belongs to the most adept and accomplished circle of individuals in the world today—the military aviators. Piloting some of the most state-of-the-art and high-tech airships, or helicopters, in the world and being involved in crucial missions is a great pride and most definitely life-changing for aviators. Most of the time though, people think that aviators fancy a life of luxury and illimitable leisure. But I know there is something more than what meets the eye.

Well, set aside the death-defying risks and challenges that their job entails, I think it is exciting to be in every place across the world. Now in this article, I would like to help the wives discover some things that could help their husbands make their next flight more of an adventure than a critical mission. With their husbands’ busy schedules they may not have the luxury of time to think about shopping special items for themselves. I know that there are thousands of items they could find and buy from different shopping centers at their every stop. But the wives should also consider acquiring the following must-haves to add to their husbands’ collection, if they didn’t have any of them yet.


Aside from the innovative aircraft that your husband is intimately dealing with almost every day of his life as an aviator, he has to embrace the advantages of technological advancement. Get him an iPad and allow him to savor one of the best things that could ever happen in his entire aviator life. He will soar high with the comfort of this cutting-edge technology that will allow him to cut down on paper and have quick access to different data and maps. With one iPad app, he could save himself from browsing through many websites for the important information he needs, allowing him to definitely take off more efficiently than ever. Isn’t it amazing?

Hi-Tech Watch

The iPad has already proven to have become valuable and life changing for many aviators. Now, you should try racking up hi-tech watches that offer much the same features as his iPad, though in a miniature but compact form. These types of watches might not outplace what is in your husband’s cockpit, the dependable E6B, but its totally serviceable specifications will surely make a difference in his life as an aviator. There are limitless possibilities ahead of him! Certainly when he has one of these leading-edge watches designed for people like him, flying will become a lot cooler.

DVD Collections

Of course, he needs inspirations while on the wing! Aside from thoughts of family and loved ones, he could find powerful motivation from DVD collections that showcase different flights, combat mission footages, avant-garde airships, and talented pilots showing off their stupefying airborne command. While navigating through his points of destination, these collections will let him experience unique thrill and excitement that will not only entertain him, but will also provide insights, tips and inspiration to make his career more fulfilling and remarkable!

With the risks and tremendous challenges of being military aviators, your husbands also need time to feel that they are alive and human. Illustrious as their job, it is only fitting that they will equip themselves with something that they deserve. Show them you love them but taking time buying and wrapping these gifts!

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