You receive the wedding gifts list in the post and immediately open it, pleased to now have some idea of what to acquire for the special people in your life. But scanning through the list of things which the bride and groom have taken an interest in, it’s easy to get confused…and if that’s you, here are a few useful hints and tips from, which might help you make a more informed choice when it comes to purchase time:

1: Accept that someone else might buy the same thing, but make it less likely to happen by being original. If you’re good at arts & crafts and are able to make one of the products yourself using individual pieces of stone then that’s great, but if not you can always use.


2: Facebook and other social media as a tool to find out more. Yes, that’s right, have a look at recent Wall postings by the bride and groom and see if they have mentioned anything about wedding gifts on there. If there are numerous comments about a pendant or necklace, then be careful, this may be one product to avoid!

3: There are loads of earrings, bracelets and necklaces available online, so be sure to have a look at a variety of products to see what they have on offer. They may even have a special wedding gifts section designed to cut the hassle and give you the best range of choice possible.

4: It’s OK to ask people they know what they like: if you know a couple, but haven’t been to their house yet, then what better way to find out what colours and style might suit than to ask someone who has known them for longer? This might sound like cheating, but we like to think it’s just being thoughtful!

5: Be careful about size and type of jewellery/precious metals: if you’re considering a specific pair or earrings, be aware that the bride might be allergic to some materials, or might not like earrings which are overly large. Asking her these questions isn’t cheating. Again, you’re just ensuring that you order something that is entirely suitable, and that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the big day.

We think a personalised present is a nice touch when someone you know is tying the knot, as it portrays a more intimate and thoughtful gift choice. Keep your options open, but don’t leave it too late – last minute gift hunting can produce most interesting results and reactions from the recipient.