Everybody loves going to a wedding. But when you get invited to a wedding, you need to think about the gift you will give to the couple. Gifts are not simple anymore. A few years ago, you could easily skip the hassle of choosing a gift by presenting a bottle of wine or a cluster of flowers. But in the present era, the gift scene has changed completely, and people prefer receiving gifts which are useful and can come in handy in their daily lives. With so many gift ideas in the market, it has become challenging to choose an ideal gift for people to select good gifts for newlywed couples, which are unique and useful at the same time. To solve this problem, we are up with five unique wedding gift ideas, you can consider for the upcoming wedding season.

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas 1

Unique wedding gift ideas

1. Antiques

Vintage and shabby-chick weddings are in trend and what can be a better gift than an antique style wedding present. You can check out pottery barn stores and the Anthropologie stores for antique-looking wares. By strolling around the estate sales, farmers markets, yard sales, and flea markets, you may come across beautiful items for a new couple’s home. It can range from decorative tchotchkes, unique vase, or an old picture frame. Antique clocks also make a great wedding gift. Always make sure that the antiques are appropriately cleaned before gifting them to someone.

2. Dinner Set

What can be more useful than a dinner set for a newlywed couple? You can gift them a personalized dinner set that is useful and can be used for a long time and is also memorable. Choose wisely when choosing the material of the set, because the functionality and the durability of the dinner set depends a lot upon the material which is used to make it. You can also experiment with different color combinations to make the dinner set look unique and classy. A good quality dinner set is not expensive and can be easily stored and shipped.

3. Pair of Perfume

Almost every person in this world applies some fragrance on his body. Perfumes are one of those items that an individual uses daily. Gifting the couple a pair of perfumes, one for men and one for women, can be a great gift option. Scents usually last for several months, and if the perfume smells good, the user will forever be thankful to you for gifting him/her, such a pleasant fragrance. While choosing a perfume, always make sure that the perfume is of a reputed company, and is long lasting. However, many people are very selective when it comes to perfume fragrances.

4. Matching Pair of Watches

A watch is an essential part of the outfit of both men and women. A good watch can instantly change your look and take it to another level, whereas a bad looking watch can immediately deteriorate your overall appearance. Therefore, a watch is a wardrobe essential for both males and females. Choosing a good watch should not be hard. Just keep it simple, elegant, and classy with sober colors, i.e., silver and gold. Make sure the watches are of a reputed brand.

5. Identical Honeymoon Gear

If you can find out where the couple is going on their honeymoon, and you can probably come up with some great honeymoon outfit ideas to gift them for their trip. If the couple is going on a beach vacation, you can give them a couple of matching beach towels, skin lotions, and books to read on a beach. If the couple is going on an adventurous vacation, sunglasses and trail mix can come in handy. A theme park vacation can be enjoyed with matching T-shirts and water bottles. Depending on the place of a visit, you can gift them a honeymoon gear accordingly.