Croquet is a fun filled sports activity, which originated in France, dating back to 1300’s, and was first used as a rehabilitative exercise. But over the years, the game has gained popularity and is loved by all age groups. In simple terms, the game includes hitting a ball with a mallet, through hoops or wickets. The game is easy to play and is enjoyed by both men and women. It is one of the traditional backyard games, played all throughout the Europe. The traditional version is played on grass or a court but with time newer variations for indoor play such as tabletop version are now available. The field is set up in the shape of nine or eight, to make the game more exciting and challenging. Passing each hoop gives you a score of 1, and the person with maximum pegs is crowned with the winner title.


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Your armor in croquet

To play this game, you just need to pick a croquet set which is easily available in all the sports stores. These sets include the wickets, distinctly colored balls for every player and the mallets; the weapons to your victory. The sets vary in quality and also, in accordance with age groups. In addition, these sets also vary according to the number of players and indoor or outdoor game. The narrow wickets can be the perfect ones to fierce up the competition, whereas the standard ones are the best choice when you want to enjoy with your family and friends. These sets can also be purchased from the online portals with additional discounts. An ideal retailer will suggest you the best according to your needs, in addition to an instruction booklet within the set.

Thumbs up facts!

The game has been known for years, and definitely is one of the most simple and gluing games. No matter what your age is you will definitely fall in love with this game. A few features that make this game a splendid sport for everyone.

· Low investment

· Complete entertainment package

· A game for everyone

· Addictive

· A plenty of variations – garden croquet, golf croquet, ricochet croquet, American six wicket croquet

· Easy and simple

Croquet is all together a fun, high spirited and sometimes the most competitive game amongst its fanatics.

This game is by far the most magnetizing, and I would suggest it to everyone who has not tried it yet. This game comes in low price to fulfill your life with lots of enjoyment, and push out the stress from your life. This game works for me the best when I feel a little low, and simply makes my day! So, just buy a croquet set from the manufacturers with a solid reputation and play it once, and the game will cling you to it.

By Daniel Clark