Jeans can be a great gift for a teenager, but you must very careful what you chose.

Teenagers are very sensitive about how people are seeing them so if you want to offer jeans present you must know what is cool and trendy and that is not.


Jeans come in equally numerous varieties: different cuts, washes, and details.Jeans were believed to be born around 150 years ago in theUSA.Jeans were an essential part of pop culture and gradually lost their image of “worker’s clothes”.They have become a modern day essential especially for teenagers.

There are many different kinds of jeans, but most share the same material called denim.

Denim cloth itself has an unusual history.Denim was treated with a blue dye obtained from the indigo plant.Denim is not 100 percent blue, as the blue dyed threads forming the warp(long, vertical threads) are combined with white threads forming the weft (shorter, horizontal). The denim cloth is cut into pattern pieces from stacks 100 layers thick.It is also tested for durability and its tendency to shrink.

Denim has become a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe – male, female, young and old.

Why are jeans so popular?

The jeans have a mysterious power to flatter all womankind that is their source of popularity.


Designer jeans for women have become hugely popular, with versatile, edgy designs that can easily make the transition from daytime to evening.Designer jeans are a good option for dressier occasions such as work and a night on the town.

What brands are hot?

You must know what brands are hot before buying jeans. For teenagers the brand of their clothes is highly important because is saying something about themselves.

Hot labels: J Brand, Chili & Pepper, Blue Cult,Hudson, Paper, Denim & Cloth, Seven, Earl Jeans and Joe’s Jeans.

What models are trendy?

The top jeans models for 2007 are:

  • Girls Denim Jeans Venice Skinny colors


  • Levi’s Curvy Boot Jeans


  • Hidraulic Womens Tab Pockets Bootcut Jeans – Antique Denim


  • Outlooks Ryan Flare


  • Glo Skinny Leg Fit Jeans


  • ROXY Rosie Womens Jeans – Raw


  • Mossimo Hudson Destroyed Jeans – Black


Customized jeans

If you know the teenager measurements you can try custom-made jeans. Online merchants will use your measurements to design a one-of-a-kind pair; in-store shops let you customize or create a pair from scratch.

You must know the teenager well, understand what he/she likes and dislikes before getting a custom made jeans.

For custom jeans I recommend to take a look at Make your own jeans and at Me Jeans. Both site allow you to create online a customized pair of jeans.

Where to buy

You can get a pair of jeans from your local store, but the best idea is to find out from where the teenagers shop for clothing and use his favorite shop.

If you don’t know from where he/she buys jeans you can search online stores to see what models are popular (most of the store have the possibility to see the best buy products) and what is new (teenagers allays want to change something about themselves and a new, cool jeans model can be just it).

My suggestion is to visit Amazon and Target websites shops first.

That were the jeans gifts suggestions for today.