When a relative, friend or coworker moves into a new place, you should present them with a small or large gift depending on your relationship and your budget. Especially when you are invited to celebrate their new dwelling, you should not arrive empty-handed. Here are five of the best housewarming gifts to give a new homeowner.

Food Basket

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Basket of Kitchen Goodies

A basket of goodies for the kitchen could include gadgets like can openers, garlic presses and pizza cutters. International coffees and tins of cookies help round out the gift, and the basket could also contain luxurious hand wash and lotion as well as some cheerful dish towels.

Family Table Games

You can encourage time together with friends and family by giving the new homeowners one or more popular table games. Board games and card games are a great gift that almost every new homeowner would enjoy. You can also make sure that they know you want to come over to their place again for game night.

Monogrammed Home Gift

A monogrammed gift is always a superb choice. You can get something personalized with their name or initials like a key or pen holder, blanket throw or mantle clock. Monogrammed bathroom towel sets are always a hit if the right color is chosen. Of course, bathrobes are another wonderful monogrammed gift.

Patio Gift

A patio gift is perfect whether the patio is a small entrance or larger. You can purchase a planter of appropriate size and fill it with flowers or herbs and dirt for a green gift. You can select wonderful wind chimes to hang under the eaves over the deck or in front of a window. A bird feeder is also a lovely choice, and you should be sure to include bird food.

Room Painting

Especially when you have heard them talk about the rooms that they want to paint before they finish moving into them, you can give a gift of professional painters to do the job like reputable painters in Indianapolis. You can pay for one or more rooms to be completed. The expert job will be finished efficiently and quickly.

Babysitting Time

If the family you know moving into a new house has kids, offer to babysit. Time away from the kids can give parents much needed time to unpack or just relax. It can be hard to find alone time or even time to get things organized when the kids are home, so offer to do some babysitting for your new friends. They will be grateful for it.

Article by Dixie Somers