If you want to impress your friends with your home décor you need to focus on a few aspects of how your home looks first. You need to make sure that you handle your home décor with style and a little bit of discipline if you want to make certain that your friends will be suitably impressed.


The sense of smell is directly linked to pleasure, and if you can make sure that the rooms in your home smell nice when your friends are around then you are already halfway towards having a home that people will consistently want to visit. Choose some scented candles for this. They always give off a subtle smell, so you won’t be accused of overpowering your visitor’s senses. Instead, choose candles and ensure you start off with something quite neutral, like vanilla. This smell always meets with the approval of visitors. If you pair a good scent with a nice and attractive candleholder you are bound to make a great and positive impact. Buy some candles for your friends to help them make their homes super warm and welcoming.


Your next big step is to get rid of the clutter. Nothing turns visitors off more than clutter in the home. Set aside some time every day to rid the living spaces of clutter and stick to the routine. This is something that you can do for just ten minutes every day, and it has hugeimpact over time. The less messy your home is the more inviting it is. Any clutter that you see has to be removed from view so you must practice discipline in this regard. Once you have started the ball rolling it will become easier every day to keep your home nice and clean and free of mess. This will ensure that your friends grow to love your home and it’s décor, which they will be able to concentrate on without any clutter to distract them. When it comes to gifting this kind of thing for your friends, buy them a new vacuum cleaner as a fun gift.


Another way to really make your home have the wow factor is to make it personal. Have plenty of your stuff that your friends recognize as being part of your personality. Make every part of your home have some aspect of you in it, and this will impress your friends no end. For example, have photos of you that express aspects of your personality and make sure they are everywhere. The more you make your home your living space, through adding bits of your personality, the more people will find it a wonderful place to be.


You could also look at the lighting in your living spaces. Soft lighting is much more appropriate if you want to impress your friends. If you want to make the room even softer and more relaxing, drape some scarves over some of the lighting. Obviously, you want to make sure that the lighting does not get too hot, but this shouldn’t be a problem if you are sensible. This will create an overall effect of warmth and friendliness.


One more recent trend is to use nature itself as a way to create the wow factor. If you are entertaining guest in the summer, it is often a good idea to use reclaimed wood or items from the beach such as shells and place them in strategic points in the room.


This will bring a little of the outside in, and make the room a lot more comfortable and cozy for people. This will also prove to be very striking and will help to create an overall ambience that visitors will appreciate. This does not take a lot of time and effort to create as an effect, and can be done throughout the year.


Flowers can be an amazing and versatile touch when you are considering the décor of a room, and they can also be quite inexpensive to organize and arrange. You do need to think of a few factors and take them into account before you arrange flowers though. The first thing you need to think about is the smell of the flowers. Her you need to ensure that there are not too many flowers in one space, because the aroma can mingle with food, for example, and make it less than welcoming for guests. Consider where you put flowers carefully and you should be fine.

Finally, make sure everything in your home has its own place. This is especially true of the coats and hats etc. that guests may bring in. A good little tip here is to make sure that there is a clear space for guests to leave their coats and hats when they enter. This may seem small and trivial, but this little touch ensures that guest will feel that your home is one that is worth visiting again and again.

Home décor need not be a chore. Think about making small changes here and there and you should be able to ensure that your guests feel your home has the wow factor.

Author Bio: Peter Smith has authored this post. He loves to decorate his home in different ways and also keeps purchasing different home improvement items for his home. He purchased online shabby chic bedding for his bedroom last week.