Gift ideas for the exercise freak in the family are few and far between. It’s best to leave clothing choices to the exerciser because tastes vary and the clothing’s aptness for the exercises might not agree with the person wearing it. That pretty much leaves things that might be useful to the exercising person, and here there is latitude for usefulness and novelty.

The Best Gifts for the Exercise Freak

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Exercise freaks need food. Things such as tasty meal replacement shakes, protein bars, trail mixes, fat-free frozen yogurts and vitamin waters make wonderful gifts for the exerciser in the family. Fruit baskets, soaps and shampoos baskets for after the workout make thoughtful gifts. Watch for color and texture, as these add quite some pleasure for the person doing the exercises.


There are scores of gym memberships that would make wonderful gifts for the person who loves exercise. Some are heavy on aerobics and cardio, while others concentrate on machinery to give the exerciser resistance. Sometimes people who love to exercise could use a gym buddy, while others prefer to sweat alone. Still others appreciate the challenge a gym membership would give them to make them rise above their comfort level and get a challenging workout. A membership in one of these would make a thoughtful gift.


Some workout aficionados prefer to work out in the privacy of their bedroom or living room. They prefer to keep their bodies out of the public eye until said body is at their idea of perfection. These people appreciate tools with which to work out that provide tension, resistance or add some novelty to the work out, such as:

• Noodles. Noodles for swimming pools make fun things to add tension to the workout. Placing the arms around the noodle when behind the head forces arms, shoulders and abs to center themself and work harder. Noodles act somewhat like an exercise ball for the upper body.

• Resistance bands. These handy little gadgets force the body to use its own power to fight the resistance, thereby tightening the muscles. Tension can be increased or decreased, depending on the body part being worked out and depending on the exercise.

• Old fashioned milk cans. If some exercise freaks’ friends can’t afford kettle bells, these little reminders of times long past can act as the same tool. Doing the kettle bell exercises using a slightly larger tool makes the body work harder to keep balanced and centered.

Article by Annette Hazard