Tech gadgets and hi-fi gifts are cool, everybody loves them. Anything run by electrons will definitely wake up the child in every man. But the problem usually is the batteries – they will sooner or later run out of juice. It’s no problem with things used frequently, but if it’s something used from time to time, like promotional flashlights for example, looking for the new batteries is such a chore! The problem becomes even more sensitive with inexpensive things. Sometimes you just cannot resist the temptation to just get a new item rather than search for the batteries for it. I can see it in how my neighbour’s children are changing their watches: since it seems like an nontrivial task to them to replace a battery in a watch and since there are so many types of batteries around which makes finding the right one quite a challenge, they would have a new electronic watch every year or even sooner. When I ask them what was wrong about the old watch, it’s always: “Oh, I liked it, but then the battery died, and getting a replacement is so difficult!”

This is why there are always some high-tech corporate gifts developed on human power. No doubt, you’ve heard about cell phones and even laptops you can crank to give them power. And we have several things of the kind in our catalog: here comes a promotional wind-up torch, for example. And this wind-up feature not only makes the life-span longer, it also gives you an exercise! It brings back the joy of having something unusual and high-tech, something you would not really expect from a regular flashlight.