The holidays are fast approaching, and it is always a difficult task to try to find a gift for everyone that you know that they will like. It is extremely difficult where a gamer is concerned. The world of gaming changes on a regular basis with new games, equipment, and accessories. The first step will be trying to discover what your gamer has not already acquired. The next step will be to purchase something that is hot for this holiday season. Below is a list of items that are hot for the holiday season 2012 that would make the perfect gift for a gamer.

  • iPad Mini

This might not seem to make sense, but some of the best feedback from the iPad Mini has been from the gamers. They love the fact that you have all of the benefits of an Apple product, but it is not only cheaper but the reduced size allows them to hold it in one hand which is perfect to optimize gaming ability. The fact that most of the popular gaming developers have adapted their games to allow for a mobile version, and the fact that these mobile versions are much less expensive than the console versions help to make the iPad Mini the perfect gamers accessory.

  • The Super Slim PS3


This one really depends on the amount of space that your gamer has in their entertainment console. Many gamers are limited on their space, so the fact that the latest PS3 has lost some weight is extremely helpful. The only thing about this is that it is still rather costly coming in at around $300, and while it does not lose any features after they reduce the size it does not really gain any either.

  • Wii U


There really is not a lot of information out there available on this one, but it is being considered the “it” item for gamers during the holiday season. This is not something you want to purchase for the newspaper boy the cost of the Deluxe kit is around $600, but it combines everything you love about the Wii system and then supplies you with a hand-held version. This will not become available to late November, so if you are interested in getting it you may want to go ahead and pre-order it.

  • Xbox 360 Kinect


This is something that has been around awhile, but is a great addition to any gamers Xbox 360. It allows you to basically take the features of the Wii and combine them with the Xbox and then make them a little better. The annoying factor about the Wii is that you have to have a remote in order to connect with the gaming console. The Kinect actually reads your body so no remote is necessary. If you are interested in buying the Kinect bundle it will come in at around $300.

  • PlayStation Vita


This is the perfect handheld device for the PS3 lover. It has basically taken the PS3 and made it a handheld format. The graphics are amazing, and you will even be able to connect with your PlayStation network through the device. The downside is that it costs almost as much as a full-size PS3 at around $250 and the battery life is not the best so make sure to carry your charger with you.

This is just a short list of some of the gaming devices that are going to be high in demand this holiday season. There are plenty of accessories and games that will be coming available in late November right in time for Black Friday. If you are interested in any of the above it is best to try and get them ordered now or at least get on the waiting list so you have a chance to get them before the end of the holiday season.

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