The season of Christmas is approaching with a rapid speed and you’ll rather need some gifts. One of the most popular Christmas gift is the Cracker. Christmas crackers were invented by Thomas Smith in 1846.

What is a cracker? A cracker is a small cardboard tube covered in a brightly colored twist of paper. When the cracker is pulled by two people, each holding one end of the twisted paper covered tube, the friction creates a small explosive ‘pop’. The cracker tears apart and out of the cardboard tube tumbles a bright paper hat, a small gift, a balloon and a motto or joke.

So, where can you buy some crackers? Tom Smith Christmas Crackers is the largest supplier in the United States. They provide five different kinds of crackers: Juvenile Crackers, Luxury Crackers, Mini Crackers, Specialty Crackers and Traditional Crackers.

The Juvenile Crackers are especially for kids. You can choose from Disney Princess Crackers, Disney Classic Christmas Cracker, Kids Fun Character Christmas Cracker and others.

Also if you need corporate gifts Luxury Crackers are the best.

For all the rest, friends and family, you can offer a Traditional Cracker or a Mini one. Their price start from $10.99 .

Christmas would not be Christmas without crackers!