It happens to everybody: We forget that co-worker’s birthday until the last second, or we’re just too busy to get anything until we’re on the way to the party. Whatever the reason, now and then, time escapes you and you just need a great gift quick. Here are five gift ideas for when you’re short on time.

Top 5 Last Minute Gift Ideas - for when time escapes you 3

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates can feel a little impersonal, so consider them a compromise. As long as you know where the recipient likes to shop, they’ll appreciate the gift all the same. This one is a bit of a cop-out, which is why we don’t rank it too highly, but consider this your fallback option if nothing else on this list strikes you.

Wine and Beer

As long as you know your recipient doesn’t have an aversion to alcohol, getting a bottle of their favorite type of wine or beer is always a hit. If they don’t have the wine or beer locally, you can usually have it soon with next day or same day gifts delivery in order to get it in time for the party. On the other hand, if they don’t drink for whatever reason, a good alternative may be…

A Bag of Premium Coffee

Coffee drinkers love fresh, premium roasted coffee beans from Colombia, but it doesn’t always make sense, economically speaking, to buy the fancy stuff, so many get by on Folgers and Maxwell House. Respectable coffee brands, to be sure, but far from luxurious, more utilitarian. A bag of the recipient’s favorite premium coffee brand lets them enjoy that little something special without having to weigh the purchase price in their head at the grocery store.

Tickets and Passes to Local Attractions

It doesn’t have to be a paid visit for a family of four to stay at Disneyland. You could give them a free pass to their favorite museum or a local amusement park or comedy club. Anywhere you think they might enjoy checking out and spending a fun afternoon. This way, you don’t just give them some item; you give them an experience worth remembering.

Subscriptions and Memberships

The great thing about buying somebody a free month of Netflix or some other online service or magazine is instant delivery: Since it’s digital, it’s available to them the instant you make the payment for them. These websites usually have one, three and six month packages so that you can buy your friend a subscription without breaking the bank.
Buying gifts doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time. As long as you have a rough idea of what they might be happy to receive, you’ve got a lot of options available.

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