A generic, store-bought Calendar 2012 is so impersonal and is generally not deemed a thoughtful Christmas gift. However, designing a personalised calendar with special photos is one way to make your 2012 calendar unique and thoughtful. The lead up to the Christmas is a busy time, however. Is it really possible to create handmade calendars during the chaos of decorating, shopping and other Christmas preperations? It is. The guidelines below include tips to simplify the process and create an outstanding homemade 2012 calendar.

Personalized calendar

Choose your photos

Select photos that are personal to the person you are making it for. For example if it’s for a family member include family photos, mementoes and any image that would trigger warm memories for them. You can scan the images into your computer, turning them digital to allow you to design it yourself using calendar software programs or alternatively design it online with a calendar printing service.

Designing the Calendar
When designing handcrafted calendars, keep it simple but thoughtful. Try not to make the process too complicated and stick to a basic colour scheme so the photos remain the main focus.

Be creative by giving each month an appropriate or personal theme and match the photos or images to the theme of each month. For example, use a photo from last year’s birthday party for the intended person’s birthday month and a photo from last year’s summer holiday for the month of August. Personalise the calendar further by adding birthdays, anniversaries and any event that you know is set for 2012.

Putting it Together

If you’ve designed the calendar with a software program, print your calendar pages and take them to a copy shop for binding. You may even like to add an additional touch by attaching plastic wallets to where the photo will be so the photos can be changed throughout the year once new ones are taken in 2012. It gives the person you are making it for the freedom to choose the memories they want to remember for each month.