Gift packages comprising skin care products are among the safest bets for any person. Skin care products speak not only of care, but can also be products that allow you to pamper yourself. Thus, you can happily reach out for a basket of skin care products to make your friend’s holiday complete, allowing him/ her to relax with aromatic bathing oils softening and nourishing upper epidermis, sun care products keeping sunburns at bay or moisturizers rendering skin soft, supple and healthy.


There is an extensive range of products that you can choose from to present someone with an appropriate skin care gift package. If the recipient of your gift is headed for a vacation, you can choose to present a gift pack that is packed to enable flight transport. A tightly packaged set including sun care lotions, body lotion, bathing oil and moisturizer will make a great vacation companion, enhancing rejuvenation with a person’s skin getting all the help it needs to repair and nourish itself to health.

A trip to the spa has become a luxury over the recent past, not because spa treatments come at exorbitant rates, but because of the lack of time to take a trip to the spa. Given that holiday brings with it prospects of splurging time and attention on oneself, a spa scrub set could make for a thoughtful holiday gift for one you know to be overworked. Heading to a spa for an invigorating scrub could be too time consuming to follow through, but a holiday pack with body scrub and cleansing sponge as its prime products. You can restrict yourself to a simple loofa and sponge combination, or you can add opt for a wholesome pack wherein these items are accompanied by moisturizing, cleansing and toning products.


Sun protection products are among the prime components of a holiday skin care pack. This is the case not only if one is heading to a beach or expects to sunbathe by a river, but also if one is to spend considerable time outdoors. The general misconception is that a sunbathing person is the only one whose holiday kit must have a big bottle of sunscreen lotion. Fact is, however, that the carcinogenic UVA and UVB rays of the Sun are not restricted only to beaches or very sunny places, but are omnipresent when the Sun is up and about. It is a good move to reach out for a holiday skin care pack consisting of appropriately powered sunscreen lotion.

If you are looking for a holiday skin care pack that could pave your way back into the good books of the recipient, then a moisturizing set is what you should be studying. A moisturizing set includes different products that together smoothen and nourish the skin, giving the user a glowing skin that sparks envy in peers. A complete moisturizing set includes milks, creams and lotions with specific target areas, ensuring that every part of the body is amply served.

Feet are arguably the most ill treated parts of the body. Few are concerned about the feet that carry one around all day. Stuffed into shoes or adorned with comfortable open-toed footwear, feet require some extra attention for wear. Holidays are the best time that such attention can be paid to one’s feet. Reach out for a gift pack that has products targeting the health and appearance of feet, heels and even the arches of feet. Scrubbing off the layer of dead skin will spark the creation of new cells, and it is essential to eliminate cracks in heels even as they are in the budding stage as they tend to be painful when developed.

Exfoliates are a must in a holiday skin care pack, especially if the holiday includes spending ample time outdoors. Be it trekking, sky diving, scuba diving or walking along the streets of a new city, dirt is sure to find its way to the gaps between your skin cells and accumulate there. Packing ample exfoliates allows you to tease out the dust and germs packed in, so that one returns only with memories of time well spent and not blemishes of slipping personal care.

Holiday packs are available in all shapes and sizes, giving you ample choice. Browsing the isles of a store with patience will bring you just the right pack that includes a good combination of all the products required. You can choose to either pick up a generic pre-packed gift basket, or you can create your own if the recipient of the gift is specific in his/ her needs. Simply pick up a basket separately and fill it with all the products you think will be valuable and wrap them up bouquet style, complete with a ribbon. Creating your own holiday skin care gift pack is a gesture of affection that is not easily surpassed.

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